Thursday, February 22, 2018

sometimes I wish I were born Russian

sometimes I wish I were born Russian

edward w pritchard

These times, these days,  living in America is like standing on a small block of ice in a near freezing lake drifting with the current without a destination.

Sometimes I wish I were born Russian [2] for only one of the great Russian novelists or short story writers such as Gogul could manipulate the words and language to portray the absurdities of contemporary American society accurately and with a proper subtle panache. If Gogul were writing in America today in Russian and I understood the Russian language perhaps he could write a story of fiction explaining Russian political interference in American politics in 2016 and why it occurred. I for one would love to hear Gogul's  take on the matter; perhaps a short story in the style of " The Overcoat". 

If I were a Russian politician charged with creating mayhem in American society, politics  and  institutions I would leave American society alone and allow home grown over achievers to wreck the ship of state of American society in four year elected shifts broadcast ad nausea across the various social media channels by beautiful people- who never tell you the whole story. [1]

[1]    author is referencing Quick Silver Messenger's service song " what you going to do about me"

[2] author appreciates his Russian readers

Wednesday, February 21, 2018

you know it's a government job when the workers are working in the rain

you know it's a government job when the workers  are working in the rain

edward w pritchard

T'is true that enough money will remove all obstacles if the capitalistic system is allowed to operate unimpeded. You know it's a government job when the workers are working in the rain.

There's a pretty system of lakes I drive by everyday where the workers are working frantically working  double shifts and Sunday's this winter to break up the ice in the middle of the lake with large special equipment so they can place fencing units to hold back the water so they can manipulate the Lake for a future economic development scenic park project. The government employees even work in the rain.

How much over time and how many triple shift bonus hours must the Government of Ohio be spending on the project there near the clock tower on Portage Lakes this Winter?

Another way to look at the Portage Lakes clock tower improvement project is rain or shine the project will get done quickly and no one will stand around and talk while one guy does all the work as you drive by.

Well it should be beautiful when the project is done.

Thursday, February 15, 2018

the President and the porn star

the President and the porn star

edward w pritchard

How can an important politician such as the sitting American President improve his image after allegations he through his representatives paid a porn star to keep quiet about their relationship?

Looking back into history for an example we find that in the years near 1650 the sitting Pope Innocent the X [tenth] found himself accused of being involved with his deceased Brother's widow
one Donna Olimpia Maidalchini who some said had unusual control of the Pope's financial affairs and access to his person near the end of the Pope's life in Rome. It was quite the scandal.

A certain ruthlessness in Pope Innocent X can be detected in the marvelous portrait painting of the Pope by Spanish master Diego Velasquez.  The painting of the Pope from 1650 is one of the greatest portraits ever painted. 

It has been suggested the Olimpia Maidalchini controlled vast amounts of papal wealth through her influence over Pope Innocent X; considerably more Italian money than the  $130,000 dollars that a porn star  allegedly received as hush money.

Too bad that gossip hungry public's can't judge great men by their accomplishments and not their very personal private lives. In such non political activities I say my Country right or wrong and do not personally carry tales or Judge.

god speaks through his journal entries

god speaks through his journal entries

edward w pritchard

Come to find out did I that like the Judge in a court of law god speaks through his journal entries.

January 31, 1986 at 11:46 AM a MB 5 earthquake occurred in Northeast Ohio where I was which I took as the voice of god jolting me to reconsider my position in the universe. The fact that I doubted god's existence was immaterial at that moment. As was the fact that activities of Men at the nuclear power plant fifty miles away may have induced the rare earthquake by shooting water into bedrock.

The solid building I sat in on the third floor of the old Firestone bank building began to sway. I put down the phone I was working on and made my way slipping to the window and watched the world I knew slide and shake.

Being sophistic then as now I deduced that the universe was trying to tell me something and had been having trouble getting through to me.

Keep you eyes open and your heart alert pilgrim the signs of change surround us though we crave permanence in all things.

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

raving fans run a muck

raving fans run a muck

edward w pritchard

If I have cancer and go to the Doctor no matter how happy and impressed I am with his office routine and staff, his personal competence as a physician and as a man and the fairness of his billing routines there is no way I am ever going to be too happy with my experience. Ditto with a criminal defense lawyer if I am charged by the State  with a serious crime and the lawyer is fighting hard to keep me in jail for only five years instead of twenty. In serious situations that cause me personal harm and loss there is always the nagging realization that no matter how good the outcome if I have lost something I once had I will be unhappy.

This idea that the customers of businesses should be raving fans of Banks, hardware stores and day care centers is misguided. Who can stay perfectly satisfied with their choice in grocery stores week to week as prices insidiously rise, the cashier staff get younger and younger, and the old men potato chip salesmen stocking the food aisles become more and more detached from their customer base.

This yelp idea of rating your experience with your criminal defense lawyer and putting it on line with negative vicious comments is misguided. Word of mouth does enough damage what with people's tendency to gossip and be stealth-ful and inappropriate in their comments and criticisms. To write down nasty allegations even if true is not cool. Let things be.

So to this current plethora of negative accusations, co worker against co worker of sexual misconduct allegations twenty years after they have left the employer. Ditto again ex spouses accusing each other of emotional abuse twenty years post divorce. In fact shouldn't there be non disclosure language in employee exit agreements and divorce contract language to minimize the human tendency to grouse and exaggerate their experiences?

To write down nasty allegations or spread gossip even if true is not cool and leads to so much discomfort and disrespect for human dignity. It's cliche- but to error is human to forgive and to have never spoken divine. Let things be.

Monday, February 12, 2018

cutting the buttons off his best suit/ another sexual abuse scandal on wall street

cutting the buttons off his best suit/another sexual abuse scandal on wall street

edward w pritchard

They've made us watch the hanging of Deever Daniels [1] three times this morning,
and all the boys have left their desks to watch,
so the trading floor is empty,
and no one is a watchin the stocks and bonds hit the third bump in the road this week,
and I ask-ed my sergeant what did Deever due to deserve such a punishment,
why he emotionally abused both of his ex wives said old sarge,
and chased three lithe young girls about the office for a dozen years besides,
and the girls wouldn't lie,
so the government has sued the company,
and all the boys have to watch training films on how to treat a woman, so saith the honorable board of directors,
so I ask-ed my old sarge grizzled veteran why do we have to watch a man be hung three times for the same crime?
and sarge gave me a wink,
with his one good eye,
and said to learn ye mates,
that's no way to treat a lady,
take heed of the passions of ye-s youth Man
for why would a woman lie about something she is remember-in
that happened fifty years ago,
now that she is old and left alone,
and I said but won't a lot of good folks lose their jobs,
when the company's deal to sell itself and continue to operate falls apart,
and the company has to file bankruptcy,
and old sarge just a looked away.
and said I be retirin soon,
and it will all be over for me,
but his voice arisin with anger,
sarge said
no man should be hung three times for the same crime,
not even that Harvey Weinstien,
but I was confus-ed and said,
I thought we were talkin about Deever Daniels?
and some more of the bad folks on Wall Street,
like Men, the usual villains in every story

{1} author is writing bad poetry with a purpose with reference from the work of Rudyard Kipling " the hanging of Danny Deevers" about the latest sexual abuse scandal in America

Friday, February 9, 2018

taking Buddy to the amusement park

taking Buddy to the amusement park

edward w pritchard

Today is the once a year day when the small family takes Buddy to the amusement park. The last time we went was when Buddy was ten.

Mother walks with a tight face eyes forward towards the right for she is the cause of judgment in the eyes of the crowds temporarily distracted  from the task of enjoying themselves here at the fair.

Father is oblivious to the crowds for he must concentrate always to remember where the car is parked
row and slot number and clutch tightly to Buddy's hand to maintain order with Buddy in the midst of the mayhem of the fair.

Buddy is very excited. He is drinking a bright scarlet snow cone with a twisted plastic spoon looking excitedly for Mickey Mouse in costume and in character to stroll about the runway.

Soon it will be time to deal with the first line at the first amusement ride. How will buddy react to the wait? The last time Buddy was in line at an amusement park he was ten, five years ago. A lot has happened since then but Buddy is pretty much still the same.

Father is mumbling under his breath as he walks row 27c slot number 37 over and over.

It's a warm sunny day at the fair today. No one has a care in the world here at the State's largest amusement park this peaceful Summer's day.