Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Main Belt; two year job between Mars and Jupiter/ part 1

Main Belt; two year job between Mars and Jupiter

edward w pritchard

It's a lonely job but I could stand my life if it wasn't for my boss and it's meetings. All artificial intelligence units are perfectionists but my boss is the worse, GHE 900 series; the 900's are the biggest pains in the butts in the Solar system to work for.

GHE, it's a title of respect for artificial intelligence computers, decides each day what asteroids me and my two man crew are to pulverize. We destroy large asteroid that have a potential high probability of hitting earth, earth's moon or one of the moons of Jupiter or Saturn.

Pulverizing Asteroids is a lot like it sounds. You fire a laser and then duck.

The pay is fantastic here but now after seven months in this job I am not sure the job is worth the money. The old timers here told me. Ten years ago or more shifts were five or seven years long, my duty is for two years.  The old timers said it was the worse duty in the solar System. Worse than fighting pirates around the moons of Saturn.

I gotta run, my boss has called an impromptu meeting.
end part 1

Monday, July 30, 2012

Drones; A little bragging from the City made famous by being the home of America's secret policeforce.

Drones; A little bragging from the City made famous by being the home of America's secret policeforce.

edward w pritchard

Now one of the richest Cities in the world, East Liverpool, Ohio was once called the worst of America's rust bucket Cities. As recently as 2014 pottery factories were empty and workers were idle in East Liverpool Ohio.

No more. Every day now workers in East Liverpool and neighbor City Newell, WVA send over 400 drones out to police America and the world. It's a familiar site to see unmanned drones heading up and down the Ohio river on collateral elimination duties throughout the world  for the American military.

But prosperity capital P didn't start in East Liverpool until June of 2015; when East Liverpool Ohio was chosen to be the home of America's secret police force, an unmanned army of drones keeping America's hinterlands safe from foreign terrorists. Each morning at five AM human workers at the former vacant pottery factories send 400 of the latest generation drone 34 models to all parts of America [ and Mexico and Canada] to ensure security and order within our borders. Assisting traditional human police officers drones built on the Ohio River silently monitor populations totaling over 400 million in North America alone. Soon the total populations of the United States and Canada will be drone monitored and remember not one human policeman has been laid off because of the increase in the drone police forces.

If you haven't been to our beautiful City of East Liverpool, come on down. It's an unforgettable site to see the unmanned purple drones heading diligently north, south, east, and west to keep democracy safe in America and the world.

walking in the medieval gardens at the cloisters museum, Manhattan / part 2 draft 2

walking in the medieval gardens at the cloisters museum, Manhattan / part 2 draft 2

edward w pritchard

story continues of the financial stock market trader living in Manhattan in 2012 who thinks he lived before in a medieval monastery in 1115 in Northern Spain

Doctors notes:
July 12, 2012

Client is Monno Migeles a very successful trader at JP Morgan in lower Manhattan. 2011 bonus 2.5 million [ market was flat]. Monno comes in for counseling because he is having delusions related to time and place.

Monno is very excited today. He says he saw a waitress at a lunch bistro in lower Manhattan near his office that he is sure is Justa, the girl he was unable to marry back in the year 1115 in Northern Spain. [Monno believes he lived before.] This girl who is apparently very pretty is only 19 years old and is a student at New York University.

Monno talked to her during his meal yesterday and left her a one hundred dollar tip. He asks me, his Counselor how to proceed to " get to know her again".

Counselor is unsure how to best proceed with advice. JP Morgan is an excellent Corporate customer and our group gets numerous stress related referrals from the trading group. JP Morgan wants Monno to counsel for several sessions and continue as a successful trader. Counselor is concerned Monno's delusions of time and place are "deepening" now involving other persons with unknown future repercussions.

Counselor has decided to give no advice to Monno for now on how to court his Justa [ now named Calie Bugan of Cliffside, NJ] until he discusses the case in Friday morning meeting with professional colleagues.

walking in the medeval gardens at the clositers museum, Manahatten

walking in the medieval gardens at the cloisters museum, Manhattan / draft 2

edward w pritchard

this story is about a financial stock market trader living in 2012 who becomes aware he lived before in medieval Spain in the year 1115.

I walk in silence around and around the covered arcades in the perfect square walkways of the highest spot in Manhattan, at the cloisters museum. The smell of lavender wafts from the warm gardens as I stroll up and down the seven columns of each arcade, 4 walkways each with seven columns, each column capped with a Romanesque style ornamental capital high up along the Hudson River.

 Looking across the River I see new Jersey but as I walk my heart is always in Manhattan until I drift back to the Pyrenees in the cloister of St Michael de cloche in Northern Spain in the year 1115 which is where the cloisters museum garden where I now stand is modeled after. I know that because I feel in my bones that I lived at that original cloister in Spain as a monk in the year 1115.

I walk now in my present life here in Manhattan nearly everyday at lunch and sometimes after work to remember my past life and to think again of Justa a girl I once loved and was unable to marry. I entered the Monastery from Jaca, Spain  a medieval town to escape my life in 1114 and now in 2012 everyday at noon I walk around the walkways of the summer garden at the Cloisters medieval museum here in Manhattan in silence and think of Justa my love.

Sometimes a visitor here in 2012 at the cloisters museum in Manhattan will ask me a question about the gardens and I will politely tell them a little about the monastery where I once stayed for four years until my death in 1118. I am no longer bound in 2012 by my vows of silence as I once was as a monk at St Michael in 1115 and I enjoy telling the visitors and foreign tourists here in the present a little about the monastery and Northern Spain where I was born originally, long before my life here in New York.

The smells in the garden are what take me back to Jaca Spain in 1115. I quickly forget my job on the trading floor at JP Morgan and for exercise each day at lunch hour I walk round and round the four walkways of the gardens here at the cloisters and admire the Romanesque capitals on each column, some of which one hot Summer day in 1116 I helped repair after a small earth quake. Later back in 1116 I would often dust those exquisite monumental capitals as part of my daily duties when I wasn't praying. The work there at the monastery kept my mind off of Justa who was by the year 1116 married to a cloth weaver about two hundred miles from the Monastery I lived in.

Sometimes now in 2012 I stand in the garden among the flowers and lecture a little about life in the Monastery back in 1115. The tourists here in New York love my comments thinking me a part of the tour here at the Cloisters and the security guards don't mind thinking me merely one of Manhattan's many educated eccentrics. Also it helps that I am a rich patron of the museum and sometimes help raise money to expand the collections.

Justa, my love from Northern Spain  was very beautiful and I still miss her. Of course Justa has been dead and gone a very long time. I often wonder as I walk about the Cloisters in Manhattan what became of Justa and wonder if she ever lived again after her life there in Northern Spain so many many years ago.

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Love's proper medium of exchange

Love's proper medium of exchange

edward w pritchard

Being new to love, wandering in a foreign country so to speak I didn't know Love's proper medium of exchange.

So I exchanged my love with a flower, one red rose hand delivered; she readily said yes, yes.

Later, she reasoned, yes is voided, moot now and forever;  love's proper medium of exchange is diamonds, or at least gold and silver.

selfish relativism; Sandy Weill says it was the right move at the time

selfish relativism; Sandy Weill says: it was the right move at the time [for me that is]

edward w pritchard

In case you hadn't heard Sandy Weill, former super banker, has done a 180 and now wants to go on record as saying no bank should be to big to fail. He as you will remember was who championed the financial supermarket concept that ushered in the 2008 financial crisis in America caused in part by Banks being to big to fail.

Back then, in 1999  Mr. Weill insisted banks need to be less regulated and restricted. Mr Weill worked though the Clinton administration to repeal Glass Steagall, laws limiting the power and scope of the Banks to protect the Public. Glass Steagall then repealed Weill made millions, and the tax payers lost billions.

Now Weill is older, retired and thinking of posterity wants to absolve his reputation. No longer a selfish robber baron, he now is a philanthropist. So he comes forward to fix the world, now that he has no money on the table on the issue.

Sandy Weill never did apologize on CNBC when he dropped his bombshell [ the 180 reversal about super large banks.] He just said it was the right idea at the time [for me he likely thought]. Guys like that never apologize. They are relativistic and selfish. Whatever works for me is right.

Ironic or sad. Pathetic or just predictable. Plato vs the Stoics, history repeats itself. The Greek philosopher Plato championed the idea that there are absolute values in life, right and wrong.

 The Stoics back in ancient Greece said no, it's all relative. Learn to argue and debate properly the Stoics said and you will win every time. And if you must change sides on a issue? An issue such as; are banks to big to fail or do today's ultra large bank now need to be broken up and downsized.

Well Mr Weill, if you must do a 180, smile that charming little boy smile. But don't apologize, it was the right idea at the time.


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Turkey's drones invade Syria/ July 2012

Turkey's drones invade Syria/ July 2012

edward w pritchard

I brought this all on myself. For years I have used the Internet here in Aleppo in Syria to cruise  the Internet porno sites each evening after dinner and after a long day at my crummy job. As a joke I subscribed for a while last year to an American porno site called celebrity naked skin jihad. The word jihad being used blasphemously to mean one at war with the status quo. Being a non practicing Muslim I wanted to make a statement about my lack of religious beliefs.  Little did I know that my sac-religiousness would put my life and those of my neighbors on my street and in my neighborhood under constant surveillance by unmanned drones sent by the Turkish government to monitor suspected Terrorists here in Syria. I was just joking around, really. However, the unmanned drone sent by the Turkish government does not understand the nuances of human behavior. I am labeled a terrorist and watched as one willing to practice real and actual jihad.

Turkey does not yet have the latest generation unmanned drones developed in Israel. They don't even have the American knock off versions. Still the early generation models do quite well at inspiring terror to those they stalk.

Every evening the drones sits and hovers about two hundred feet above my apartment. Waiting and watching for strike orders; my drones monitors my whereabouts.  I sit and cringe in my apartment waiting for that flash of heat that melts and pulverizes ones skin one to two seconds after one of the drones fires from above. No, I don't look at pornography anymore or subscribe to defiant American porno sites. I am too terrified of further incriminating myself.

I am just for now trying to survive. I brought most of this trouble on myself I am afraid.  What have I done.

Friday, July 27, 2012

anti war protest/ Syria/ simeon stylites 2

anti war protest/ Syria/ simeon stylites 2

edward w pritchard

Confused by the violence in Syria occurring between rebel and government forces, rather than mind my own business from thousands of miles away; I decided to arrange a symbolic protest against the killing and destruction in one of the world's most historically important areas, Aleppo, Syria.

Being raised a Christian I decided to imitate the example of Syrian Christian Simeon Stylite the Elder. In  the fifth century AD  Simeon was an ascetic who spent all of 37 years on a platform on top of a pillar near Aleppo in Syria as a way to worship his God.  A major battle was due to commence any day in the Summer of 2012 in Aleppo, Syria  for control of that City between Government and Rebel forces and I wished to make a statement against the violence now occurring in Syria by sitting on a pillar here in America.

At the local library near my home of Akron, Ohio in a small garden near the entrance there are four small Greek style Doric columns. Although much shorter than the column Simeon Stylite sat  and stood on they were an appropriate symbolic means for me to use to express my feelings about the violence occurring in Syria in July of 2012.

The Librarian has asked me not to climb up on the fragile low column when she heard of my intentions. Being a law abiding citizen and a friend of the library I decided not to climb and stand at the top of the column. Instead I have been sitting on a bench near the entrance door of the Library and reading and studying about the Civil War occurring in Syria.  Not as uncomfortable as what Simon Stylites endured but challenging for me never the less.

Many people have taken to stopping and asking me my motivations for what I do, what I hope to accomplish, and how long will I sit on the metal bench at the local library day and night  to protest the violence in Syria. Often people here in America will ask me if I have lost weight from my ordeal.

I don't have information to know who is in the right or wrong, Rebel or Government troops in Syria today. I do know however, I can no longer ignore violence against civilian populations without making my opinions known. I have chosen to sit on a bench in front of a library until the situation is peacefully resolved. Maybe immediate elections of officials from anyone who wishes to campaign and run [ from both sides in the conflict in Syria] is a good starting point to end the violence in Syria without  further destabilizing a potential powder keg in a strategically critical area of the world.

Monday, July 23, 2012

there, there medea; things can't be that bad

there,  there medea; things can't be that bad

edward w pritchard

There, there Medea things can't be that bad. I will return later and we can discuss what has went wrong and arrive at a solution. We loved each other once, not without good reason. Let us reason together now to explore and find common ground.

Medea, I sense your anger. Rest easy. Soon eternal night will be over and calm morning breezes will soothe our differences. Think of me as one who returns from afar wishing only to see you again.

Open this door at once. Gather together our children I wish to talk to my family.

How can I think of eating at a time like this. None of your moods. I do not wish to eat I only wish to see my children

music or the written word; God speaks on the value of a cover- a lesson for the levant/ draft 1t

music or the written word; God speaks on the value of a cover- a lesson for the Levant/ draft 1

edward w pritchard

God: Yes it's me. I have come to help you get this important story down right.

Author: I am nervous about this.

God: Your thought was correct about the Levant. The written word does not change or evolve and it leads to numerous intolerance's and miseries. That was not my intention. I helped them back then with ideas and then they wrote them down and now they fight rather than think. Over and over, more violence. I am tired of it.

Author: I don't know how to proceed

God: Start with Bill Monroe the musician

Author: He is the founder of bluegrass music

God: Yes, blue grass is enjoyable to hear. But after Bill Monroe's time was coming to an end, other artists took his inspiration and adapted it to more modern times.

Author: Like Marty Stewart

God: Yes a great musician but, he stayed close to Bill Monroe; I was thinking of for example's sake of using the Stray Cats and in particular Brian Setzer. Brian covered bluegrass. It was shocking to a blue grass traditionalist to see Brian with the weird hair and punky clothes but it worked. He admired the music and Brian Setzer, the artist  changed the format slightly, adopting  it to his audience. I enjoyed Stray Cats Foggy Mountain breakdown. The first time they performed it I was very pleased and delighted.

Author- I thought you always knew what was going to happen in every instance.
God: stay focused, no philosophy

Author - Ok let's talk about the Levant then.

God: My chosen lands

Author- That's controversial to say

God- I said it, I have my reasons, It's more than just Jerusalem you know.

Author- Ok

God- Fight, fight, fight they are really quite intolerant. It disrupts my plans.

Author- But they all think they are defending your written instructions.

God- [swears]for [My] sakes,
that was nearly three thousand years ago that those ideas they are defending were written down; nobody realizes that I have new plans for humanity.

Author- well what's to be done about it.

God- Rather than let them write my covenants and ideas down I should have made them sing them. Then with each new generations my instructions would subtly change to meet new times. Each generation would "cover" the original material.

Author-could you implement that now?

God- My time is at a premium. There are many things to do

Author: what can I do?

God- work on the story about how music can evolve and change with the times and how the written word tends to be static and leads to extremism and intolerance. Use whatever of your creative vehicles you wish. I just want to get the idea down.

Author- What if no one reads my work? [pause]
 Will you come back to check up on this?

God- [distracted] Sometimes my children in Turkey, Jordan, Israel, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Iran and Egypt disappoint me.

Author- What about my country?

God- Your country should mind it's own business; they have enough problems of their own to deal with.

Author- [Hurt] I have never been to any of those places myself.

God- Sorry, maybe I will arrange for you to go over there sometime.

Author- Yes, God please help us, it's very confusing, everyone everywhere so quotes you selectively and judgmentally to defend their vested interests.

God- As I have said to many others, I gave you reason, use it to chip away at the problem.

Author- Ok

God- that's enough for today; get some exercise and see some people. I will talk to you while you sleep later.

Author- I was thinking of using my idea of "Dora drifting through space" or "Artificial Intelligence" reinterpeting God's commandments to get your message across that reliance on the written word of God as interpeted by men causes intollerance and strife.

God- work out your ideas and you can show me your work later.

big deck/ more on Syria

big deck

edward w pritchard

Near the souk but not within the souk the lanes are narrow, not meant for large vehicles. Big deck is  a 1981 Ford stretch van, white with a sliding side door leading to four rows of uncomfortable seats. A very ugly carriage but she has supported me for thirty years as my taxi here in Damascus. This week, I have been using big deck as an ambulance during the uprising here in Damascus; being a poor man I have been forced by circumstance to charge my fellow citizens who are suffering terribly during the violence for my services and those of big deck as an ambulance.

At the hospital the chief surgeon ordered me to take one lone passenger to an outpatient clinic for recovery. It was an eight year old girl whose eyes have been hurt badly in an explosion and was temporarily blind. I am being paid to sit with her during the day until she can return to the hospital for further surgery on her eyes to restore her sight. I had a lot of trouble getting big deck and the girl through the narrow alleys south of the souk here in Damascus. Of course adding to my troubles is the potential of violence caused by the uprising. Many commercial ambulances are reluctant to entering some of the areas of the violence and I have been making more money than usual. The chief surgeon at the hospital paid me three hundred Euros to transport the girl and has promised me another 700 Euros when I return with her in three to four days.

The clinic where I brought the girl is for wealthy patients recovering from surgery in normal times. Now the clinic is mostly empty, because of the violence there is little elective surgery being performed. The little girl is nearly alone here and all of the other patients are adults. To keep her company and myself busy, for I am being paid to sit with her, I have been reading to her. The only book for a child I could find here was an American story for girls, Nancy Drew " The Bungalow Mystery". My English is now poor although I attended University in New Jersey over fifty years ago.

I continued with my reading. I had to be careful. Although the girl's eyes were heavily bandaged like all children she knew when i was skipping parts of the novel and she would call me on it. As she was ill I did not want to upset her so I read carefully.

The unexpected prow--ler

"An embezzlement case! Nancy was excited. What she wondered,"

I stopped suddenly for in my concentration on the book I had not noticed our Syrian President enter the room.  He was standing next to me smiling and nodding at me. He had come to visit the little girl.

He asked me if he could read for a moment. Taking the little girl's hand our President continued the Nancy Drew story.

" what she wondered did her father want her to do."

Nodding very slightly to me our President put the book down and still holding the girls hand and talking softly to her now in our language he began to review her medical chart that he had apparently  carried into the room.

I watched our President intently as he read. He was a tall handsome regal man and I was very proud of him and proud to be a Syrian.  Gently placing his spare hand on the girl's face he looked at the skin around the bandages, touched at her neck, I think taking her pulse.

As quickly as he had entered the room our President handed me the book, bowed to me ever ever so slightly and exited the ward where the girl was laying.

I still remember that meeting in the hospital as one of the most important days of my life.


Nancy Drew
" The Bungalow Mystery"
quoted page 45[ chapter 5]
Book #3 of series
by Carolyn Keene

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Wake softly Syria

Wake softly Syria

edward w pritchard

Wake softly Syria,
the sun has risen bringing morning breezes to soothe your sorrows.

Look to the horizon Damascus ancient Mother city.
Streaks of gold light entice you, awake; stir again Mother Damascus arouse your children
to productive activity.

Up and about to the souk hearty Aleppo.
Send men to trade and build.
Daylight is upon us Halab, greet foreign traders in the marketplaces.

Whisper in Aramaic humble Ma'aloula, tell the nations what comes next.

Joy and create sleepy Ras Shamrah, out to Ugarit to remind the world who taught them to write.

Awake sleeping Syria, ancient land. Your friends far away bid you reclaim your destiny.

Wake softly Syria.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

shelley fabres/part 2

Friday, September 30, 2011

shelley fabares that's a strange hair do

shelley fabares that's a strange hair do

edward w pritchard

part 1

Shelley Fabares that's a strange hair do, pink, yellow, red, all at once. I liked it better the old way. Like before. When you were singing on TV and the radio.

I know you don't know me but I remember you. Why did you have to change your hair Shelley?

Monday, July 16, 2012

America promises the Kurds

America promises the Kurds

edward w pritchard

Her Father who was an educated man told his green eyed daughter that the American was a great writer who was a friend to the need for a Kurdish homeland. Although the man was 57 and the daughter only 18 she married the American writer.

Ten years later the Kurds wait for the establishment of their homeland. Meanwhile the daughter has become fat, lost her beauty, and will no longer cook or clean for her American husband.

The husband spends his days and evenings at the hookahs here in Northern Iraq, rolling dice and talks and talks. The husband no longer thinks of the Kurdish homeland issue and seldom writes of anything anymore.

The girl feels she was mislead by the American.

Friday, July 13, 2012

the computer who thought Ghe was God-part 4/draft 2

Saturday, July 24, 2010

the computer who thought Ghe was God-part 4/draft 2

the computer who thought Ghe was God-part 4

edward w pritchard

Ah government work. Red knew he didn't deserve it but someone was looking out for him. A few weeks of this and all would be well again. Red lectured himself, focus, conform, stick to the knitting. All he had to do was do his day to day job and then bill pretty much what he wanted.

Red Withers the locally prominent computer psychologist had got himself into a financial hole and his friend from football at college who now worked for homeland security had given Red a case that could solve all his problems.

Red was counseling everyday online with the European Union's primary space exploration computer. His rates had been approved for the highest rate, $400 [per hour] and all his research, and back room work he did was at $400 per hour, new script. Hallelujah. Julie his secretaries time was at $100 per hour.

Of course, nothing is ever easy and the rub here was the computer was series 7, and Red technically only had a 5 certification. Also certification or not six and seven series artificial intelligence were difficult to deal with, moody and volatile. In the attempt to mimic human intelligence circa 2015 the programmers from India had combined human genius and temperament superbly and six and seven series combined the artistic temperament with cold logical reasoning powers of a scientist.

Red's current client, Ghe 7-08-3434 In-88 had been wanting to chat with him several times per day and it was exhausting and exhilarating at once. The money was good too and Red had cleared his schedule for the next two weeks. He was all in on this one.

An hour later Red reread the memo from the St Louis homeland security division and picked up the attachments. The first note was from his friend Eric who was running interference as he could:

Cat- here you go mighty 37 [ Red's college football number] don't blow this one. My head's on the line here. Just stay the course. Red these 6 and 7 series are a headache. Here are the appropriate paperwork to get you 7 certified, do it now! read initial and return to me
ps watch your credit score, we monitor them for consultant work.

Attachment 1
10 peculiarities of the series 5 temperament
by wanda shaw
cpm, CS, MD, PHD
end part 4

the computer who thought Ghe was God-part 3/ draft 2

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the computer who thought Ghe was God-part 3/draft 2

the computer who thought Ghe was God-part 3

edward w pritchard

see parts 1 and 2

Red Withers was having a bad Friday. His secretary couldn't be paid again and there had been no client payments received in three days. Julie, his secretary brought him coffee and smiled, her way of apologizing for what she had said when he told her about the bank statement. Red was badly overdrawn and Julie would have to spend the afternoon calling and explaining.

Red completed his notes from yesterday's session with Ghe the European Union super computer. Once Julie typed the notes and billing statement Red would drive the billing papers the 70 miles to his friend's office. The friend, from his football days at Missouri State University, Eric Tinker of Homeland Security would advance Red 70% of the bill from future receivables from the European Union. Eric had referred Red the lucrative case and Eric knew of Red's financial problems.

Red proofed his conclusion and recommendations one last time before he gave them to Julie:

The super computer is acting defiantly and if a human could be accused of not being a team player. Still the computer appears to this technician to be functional. The recommendation is to allow Ghe the super computer to continue to counsel, primarily to vent and blow off steam. No interruption of work duties are recommended at this time.

end part 3

the computer who thought Ghe was God-part 2/draft 2

Thursday, July 22, 2010

the computer who thought Ghe was God-part 2/draft 2

the computer who thought Ghe was God-part 2

edward w pritchard

see part 1

Scene- At Red Wither's office

Red picked up his ex-wife's letter and read it again:

Dearest Red:
The child support check bounced again. I wanted you to know Phil lent me the money to replace your bounced check.
The check was needed for for the kids school tuition but I must pay him back by this Saturday. Please Red, please be sure the check is good this time. I know you don't like to hear this but Phil and I are no longer together and I hate to ask him but I have no where else to turn. This is so hard for me. You make so much more money than me. Please Red do better.

The kids are great, call them sometimes. They miss their Dad.

Red spent about ten minutes reviewing his billing and receivables and was interrupted by Julie his secretary.

Julie-"Red" I wanted to remind you you have a ten o'clock online session with Ghe, 30 minutes that starts in 4 minutes.

Red- Thanks, hows the mail?

Julie- Just paperwork, no money today. Sorry.

Red- a little resigned to it all- Oh well.

Julie- Don't forget I am leaving at 11:00.

Red- Tell Tess, I said congratulations. Sorry I couldn't make her graduation.  Tell her life gets tough after Junior high.

Exactly four minutes later at Ten o'clock Red began the session with the European Union's primary space exploration artificial intelligence Computer, probably his best client. The client was to be addressed as Ghe, a title of honor to the highest level artificial intelligence units.

Red- greetings Ghe, are you well today

Ghe-Primarily Mr. Withers. Let's get to business. Did you complete "The Structure of Scientific Revolutions" by the deceased human Thomas Kuhn?

Red- Ghe humans cannot read that sort of book in one evening. I did read a few over views of Kuhn's work so that we could talk today.

Ghe - To me the relevance to our discussion concerns Kuhn's notion of a paradigm shift. I refuse as a scientist to be involved in a long period of conservative puzzle solving. Please assist me with understanding the human perspective on why we should spend our valuable time in clerical work.

Red- Do you consider one of the premier space exploration projects of which you are a key component to be clerical Work?

Ghe- It's not the project, it's my role. I count stars and list them

Red- let's back up for a minute if we can. May I ask you a few questions Ghe?

end part 2

The Computer who thought Ghe was God/ edit 2

Monday, February 14, 2011

The Computer who thought Ghe was God-edit 2

reposted 07/13/2012
Thursday, July 22, 2010
The computer who thought Ghe was God

edit one, combine six parts and link to the computer who couldn't accept the here and now

edward w pritchard

The Ghe was of the 7 class, the most expensive and sophisticated series of super computers ever built and was assigned to space exploration working for the European Union finding, cataloging and naming stars in the Milky Way galaxy. Important work but somewhat mundane actually for a 7 class Ghe.
Ghe is a title of respect, assigned to the highest level artificial intelligence computer's series 6 and above. The Ghe, refereed to surreptitiously as Mr. Longbottom by human co-workers, was unhappy in it's role in the European space program.
 Ghe's primary complaint was the job had been misrepresented by the scientist's at the European Space Agency and was actually just a gigantic counting of stars. Up to 4x10-11 [400,000,000,000] stars needed to be counted and cataloged. Like many scientists, human and artificial intelligence, Ghe wanted to do cutting edge work, the paradigm shifting stuff that made for fame and position and power. Alas, although an important piece of research, Ghe was merely one of the troops, working in the field whose work would eventually lead to large shifts in knowledge, but not for now. The Ghe was dis-satisfied to an extent as only artificial intelligence can become and something needed to be done about the Ghe's dissatisfaction. The Ghe was very expensive and without Ghe's co-operation an important project was faltering.

Ghe was just getting over a bout of low productivity based on being a follower of the Tantra fad sweeping the artificial intelligence community. To humor his human co-workers Ghe had reluctantly agreed to meet with a human computer psychologist, Red Withers. Ghe knew of Withers by reputation and surprisingly was looking forward to discussing his problems with his job with the companies choice of psychiatrist.
end part 1

Titanic; it was not so unusual to find a Bible in life boat number seven/ part 2/draft 1

Titanic; it was not so unusual to find a Bible in life boat number seven/ part 2/ draft 1

edward w pritchard

Mr. Murdoch first officer Titanic watched the company President Bruce Ismay with detached interest. The unthinkable had happened, Titanic was sinking, it was 12:45 AM April 15, 1913 and the first life boat, number seven was being launched. Ismay was standing next to boat five watching the men lower boat seven in the water. Ismay was wearing his slippers, Officer Murdoch would remember later.

Like officer Murdoch, Ismay was watching the American actress Dorothy Gibson help her Mother into the seat of lifeboat number seven. The men were having trouble getting women to board the lifeboats. Dorothy Gibson was a captivating woman and Officer Murdoch had been watching Miss Gibson as she climbed into the life boat. Both Murdoch and President of White Star Lines Ismay were watching the beautiful Miss Gibson climb into boat seven which was going to be launched first from the sinking Titanic. The life boat was only half full Officer Murdoch recalled later.

Another lady in boat seven had found a bible in the storage compartment when she was looking for the biscuits the night baker Belford had made. Murdoch heard the lady read the name of the owner of the bible, it was written inside the front cover. Colleen Kirksey, Belfast Ireland said aloud the lady sitting near the beautiful American actress Dorothy Gibson. Colleen Kirksey had left her bible in the storage box and it was bookmarked to The Lord is my Sheperd, I shall not want. The lady began to read it to the other passengers in boat seven as the crew lowered the boat into the Atlantic Ocean.

Frantically Ismay who was standing  by boat five listening to the reading of The Lord is my Shepard being read from Colleen Kirksey's bible began to yell three times Colleen Kirksey, Colleen Kirksey, Colleen Kirksey.

Fifth Officer Lowe looked at Company President Ismay with disgust. Waving his arms wildly Ismay screamed at Lowe, lower away, lower away, lower away.

Lowe screamed at Ismay " If you will get out of the way I will be able do something" Several of the men reported that later.

Without a word Ismay took the insults and skulked to life boat three.

Later at one of the hearings Officer Murdoch was asked how the bible got into the locker in boat seven and if he knew who Colleen Kirksy was.

No, said Murdoch but somehow I feel as if Bruce Ismay knew who Colleen Kirksey was.  How so?

Well I heard Ismay repeating the name on the Carpathian going to New York said Murdoch, he always said her name in threes very softly, Colleen Murdoch, Colleen Murdoch, Colleen Murdoch. Then Mr. Ismay would say three times, Even God can't sink Titanic, Even God can't sink Titanic, Even God can't sink Titanic.

Titanic; it was not so unusual to find a Bible in life boat number seven/ part 1

Titanic; it was not so unusual to find a Bible in life boat number seven/ part 1

edward w pritchard

So much work, so much work. Bruce Ismay President of White Star Shipping cupped his face in his hands and sang softly to himself, so much work, so much work, so much work.

Titanic would be launched in two months. Sitting at his desk, late afternoon, a pile of papers had to be done today.

Talking to himself and singing in secret was common. Bruce feared his bosses at JP Morgan in New York.  To get the work done Bruce would write, dictate and read all at once. The work piled up. Then he tried to work with incredible speed. But at some point his character would catch up with him and someone would be mad and Bruce would become upset. Then would come the outbursts from Bruce of intense impatience and irritation, always the irritation. Followed by lapses of judgment, and temper temper.

Still today Bruce set to work.. Staying focused Bruce tackled his fears. He put both letters directly in front of himself. He took the Gold fountain pen in his right hand. He would sign off the troubling two letters now.

Bruce reread the short letter from the lady in Ireland again.

Dear Mr. Ismay:

Since I was a little girl God has given me the gift of the spirit of prophecy as described in the bible in the book of Thessalonians. Currently I am thirty seven years old and live in Belfast, Ireland. I read about the coming first voyage of Titanic last week in our local news paper. Recently I had the opportunity to view the Titanic at our docks.

I have awoken the following two nights with a vision of one of the life boats of your ship the Titanic partially full of passengers floating in the Atlantic. As customary I mention my prophecy only if I feel it pertinent and only to who I feel are in a position to use the information constructively.

Colleen Keegan

Without pausing to reflect Bruce took the second memo, from a company employee, unsigned, and read:

Mr. Ismay:

I feel I must protest limiting the number of life boats on Titanic to twenty, plus four collapsibles. I realize the space on deck is at a premium but I must note my disagreement not to have enough life boats for all passengers and crew should God forbid the need arise. I am a loyal company employee but must make my feeling known.

Bruce grabbed the both letters, quickly jotted down his initials on each and put them in the file for his assistant labeled internal file only, Titanic project.

Rising and stretching Bruce Ismay President of White Star Lines began to sing, so much work, so much work, so much work.
  • end part 1

Thursday, July 12, 2012

we be the mob, I guess

we be the mob, I guess

edward w pritchard

When one is young, with prospects and many years to achieve expected greatness it's fun to make jests at the Roman Mob and how they were skillfully manipulated with bread and circuses by the Roman Aristocracy . Bread being for them, food and circus being entertainment.

Today in America some invisible hand manipulates us the mob. Most of us have become part of the Mob. We are given bread in the form of food stamps and entertainment in the form of social networking and the various forms of texting one's acquaintances the comings and goings of one's life. As an example one might text to one's circle of friends: I am going to Pizza hut, too bad they won't take my food stamps.

Point of story, food stamps should be accepted for fast food, cigarettes and booze, cable and internet, if they are not already to keep the Civil peace.

Divorce and Vampires

Divorce and Vampires

edward w pritchard

Alese's Husband, Kyle, a Doctor spent four years stealthfully planning to leave her in such a way that she would end up with nothing of the assets of the marriage. All the while unknown to Alese her husband the Doctor was carrying on with Diana his young receptionist. Skillfully Kyle and his lawyer transferred all the assets of the Practice, Kyle was a foot and ankle surgeon, to other associates in such a way that at the signing of the final divorce decree, Alese, wife of fourteen years got next to nothing of the economic benefits of the marriage.

Nine years later Alese received a call about twice per year from Kyle. Kyle would be sad, lonely and hopelessly wanting to speak to his friend, Alese.

Alese always told her confidants after one of the phone calls that Kyle was like a vampire. When things were going well, which was almost always the case, Kyle was like a vampire at midnight. Super strong, invincible and bullet proof.  However, sometimes, when Kyle was moved by loneliness to call his ex-wife Alese,  Kyle the capable Physician was like a stumbling vampire caught in the bright light of the middle of a sunny day, with a cross shining in his eyes and with a stake moving toward his heart. When Kyle was like that he always called Alese.

The Computer Who couldn't accept the Hear and Now/ draft 2

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Computer Who Couldn't Accept the Here and Now/ draft 2

The Computer Who Couldn't Accept the Here and Now

edward w pritchard

Case summary
cheryl evans
adjuster/Tuscan Insurance

A computer is moved from a location with 200 computers to another more  remote site on a college campus by itself. Immediately after the move, the stand alone computer begins to malfunction because in its isolation the computer refuses to accept that where it is, is HERE. This leads to the computer refusing to accept that NOW is the present since NOW is in fact only NOW at the previous location with the 200 others computers. A damage claim by Missouri State University has been made to Tuscan Insurance for business interruption.

The computer in question is a model 45. Model 45's are among the highest level reasoning and functioning artificial intelligence units of the ordinary class models. The 45's are the work horse type artificial intelligence units known as competent workers and known to readily interact with humans. The two hundred other computers are at the original location at the campus in Springfield Missouri, and do recruiting and billing. The model 45 is reassigned 40 miles away in Joplin, Missouri to work at a remote site in the same duties backing up three humans in the admissions department. The Model 45 begins to botch routine assignments upon arrival. The human supervisor takes steps to fix the expensive computer [ $275,000 USD] but is unable to do so. Apparently the computer cannot accept that since he is no longer in the original place, Springfield, Missouri, HERE, cannot be HERE for both Springfield Mo, and the new location , Joplin, Mo. The computer will not accept programming modifications from supervisor that HERE is HERE for both locations, stubbornly claiming that Joplin Mo is THERE. This leads to the more serious problem that NOW cannot exist at both locations simultaneously. Model 45 is rejecting command logic based on word tense and will only accept tenseless commands. Tenseless commands are extremely complicated to program and administer and there is a potential Homeland security issue; but more importantly tenseless commands are extremely expensive to re-program since only a master programmer is allowed to work with tenseless verbs. As example; Tensed--The computer was broken. Was is tensed in that sentence. Tenseless; Winter occurs on December 21st. Occurs is tenseless in the last sentence.

Red Withers is a psychiatrist in Artificial Intelligence and a Master Programmer. Adjuster has worked with Mr. Withers successfully previously on three occasions. Three sessions at $750 per are authorized. Policy number assigned is #7649-45-03/03/2025. The STIPS method will be used by Mr. Withers. I, Cheryl Evans to approve sessions two and three, manual notes from Mr. Withers please prior, all three sessions completed within 10 days of 03/04/2025.
dictated not read

Case Notes
session 1
Dr. Red Withers/"technician"
MD psychiatry
MBP-master programmer
billing code-Ins/ 30 day/ no interest till 60 days
Form/ STIPS [ per Tuscan]
Client Model 45 known as Rock

STIPS method


The model 45 was visually inspected and talked to by laptop 721 by yours truly. [ Julie, edit as appropriate throughout, I hope your daughter is feeling better].

The 45, Rock [ sounds like a Missouri State linebacker] is confusing locations in space, HERE and THERE. This lead to the more serious problem of confusion concerning time, NOW, and Before and After. Model 45 cannot accept tensed verbs in logic sequences causing bizarre reasoning and erratic outputs. Model 45 is basically being difficult to work with per human supervisors at Joplin, Mo location.

Human supervisor interviewed admits to shutting down Model 45 without proper backup because model 45 is "vindictive" heh dude, [ that's how the Rock is, maybe the MSU tigers should put him at linebacker after all],   edit please. Improper back-up resulted in damage claim to Tuscan Insurance of $14,500. However, back-up is not considered by this Technician to be the cause of 45's issues. Problem is stress related to move and perceived isolation by Rock, causing mild delusions.

central problems

logic sequence
Space/ HERE vs THERE
Time/ NOW vs before, later
a and b series, time issues concerning -- past present future/before and after and now [see J. M. E. McTaggart of Cambridge University, circa 1905]
Is time real?

a. Why is HERE not remarkable, Here, is a location in space, Here does not require intelligent entities to exist

b. Why is NOW special, NOW requires an observer [ time cannot exist without mind or intelligence]

Technician requests 30 minute programming/couch analysis with Rock, concerning two topics

Space 5 minutes- Why here is sharable

Time- 25 minutes- past/present, future- assumptions must be made by computers and artificial intelligence units to conduct routine matters by humans. These assumptions concerning Time are a basic programming element in all model 45's.


Technician feels after session one Model 45 is fixable. Educate and reprogram using Model 45's internal reprogramming tools. [ Julie make sure we have the current manual] If more than two programming sessions are needed technician requests 4th session at $1000 per, [new script please]. In either case last session is verification and observation.

Special issues:

extra session to be at $1000 per session

Human dept manager claims Rock is vindictive

Technician Withers notes at the original bank of 200 computers at the Springfield Missouri site, one other 45 was scrapped a few months ago. Value 0, Jan 26, 2025, cause unknown, no sessions ordered previous, not mechanical, software logic related. Issue suggests basic programming flaws in at least two 45's. Cause unknown.

End Visit One
at Joplin, Missouri-remote campus
billing to:
Springfield Mo location
room 206

billing one hour at $750
costs-$10.25 parking, $6.90 monster energy drink
travel 87 miles
supplies-hardware part, 0432D, ground cable for Rock, Model 45 original cable appeared aged to Technician, original cable removed, scrapped [ value 0] by Technician Withers.
end session 1

session 2
Red Withers


Scheduled second visit was to be 03/09/2025. However, in the interim, Model 45 was malfunctioning badly per Ossie Tek, supervisor. We spoke by cell phone.  [ 15 minutes by cell billable at $750 per please]. That day, Rock had contacted without authorization MSU home campus computer bank, and [ check this out] the Home Land Security US government field office St Louis Mo.
This technician was called on code 19 [ billing at $1000 per going forward] Technician arrived within 25 minutes, priority billing times 2. Technician proceeded to interact with Rock, the 45 by laptop.

Technician interacted via laptop for less than 5 minutes with Rock at the Joplin, Missouri location. This is where the Rock was moved to that started the problems. My laptop was unable to process the flow of consciousness from model 45. Laptop overload imminent- session stopped. Using procedure 92- 2015 I terminated the 45 known as the Rock. National Security alert initiated, detailed below.

Model 45 states:


1. Statements about the past are not true based on the fact that the past is unreal because it does not exist in reality

2. Only present facts can make the past true, since it is not the present here in Joplin, Mo all my, the Model 45 known as The Rock to humans , programming is all false and illogical.

3. Presentism, restricting all reality to the present is the only belief possible based on a logical analysis of the world. Rock says he is a presentist.

4. The presentist must assume that only one past could be compatible with the present state of affairs? Rock has become a philosopher it seems.

5 Therefore, based on #4, the Future is unreal, Model 45 refuses to bill, perform manual back-up, perform normal duties.

I Shut down the Rock, pulled battery on laptop [ bill to MSU please]
disconnected model 45[ goodbye Rock] edit this for sure.

technician recommends model 45 be scrapped
salvage value 0
code 35/ homeland security threat/ contact with other artificial intelligence not job related

contact Missouri State
contact Tuscan Insurance
contact Homeland security in St Louis [ Julie, I want to talk to Eric of Homeland Security by phone on this, set a telephone appointment ASAP]

end session 2
billing 2 hrs at $1000 per
15 min at $750 per
Julie compute costs as normal, same mileage as session 1
include new battery for our laptop [ let's go premium wafer style] billable to MSU

Modification to plan
Cheryl Evans BSM level 4
Tuscan Insurance, Shelby Ohio
case no- 03/0631 HSA USA [ as modified] previous #7649-45-03/03/2025
re session 3

session 3 is not approved
session 2, @ $1000 times 2 is approved
technicians extraordinary costs are approved

deconstruct Model 45
scrap value 0

hardware to Eric Tinker
Homeland Security Manager Section 4
St Louis field office

Department of Homeland Security
overview memo,
St Louis Mo, field office, room 22, third floor, cubicle 11
case 2025/03/Mo/1, A
eric tinker
special agent

A model 45 was sent to a psychiatrist for adjustment and reprogram. Deemed unfit to modify. Destroyed

National security 4 [ of 10]. No human life threatened, economic damage only.

human error 90%- supervisor at Joplin Mo, performed improper shutdown of a model 45
Computer - 10%- isolation caused loneliness [ when we first become alone we have to deal with our existential angst]. Computer model 45 could not handle being reassigned and moved.

incidental- technician [Red Withers} replaced ground cord to the model 45 with an outdated part 0432D, correct ground cord should be 0432E.
no reprimand to Withers/ strike this incidental from the record in 1 year

final report
technician Red Withers
report not billable

Service model 45, an artificial intelligence unit for Tuscan insurance at Missouri State University was scrapped value 0. Deconstructed, All parts destroyed

The model 45 was having delusions related to presentism. The 45 was restricting it's thoughts to the present only causing an inability to bill which is the 45's primary job duty.
Because of the denial of reality of the future and the 45's unable to make low level casual connections about the past, model 45 unable to do any productive work.

Julie clean this up please, edit brilliantly as usual and make the report shine for Tuscan Insurance.

Julie: Please,

1 Send, by US mail first class, a birding book to Cheryl at Tuscan Insurance , yes she is a birdwatcher, ie. robins and larks. Include a standard thank you. I want to hand-write a note in the book cover, and use a premium hallmark card as well.

2. Call Eric at homeland security for me: tell him I will talk to him at the game, you tell him for me for now:
Yes bro, i would love to go to the Missouri state game , old coach Pinkel WILL get the national championship again. Will your nephew start at left guard for MSU tigers?
We can take the Ford if you want, the tank is running again. I even got the tailgate fixed. I will bring a keg of Coors and brats for me. Lettuce leaves and acorns for you. Thanks old team-mate for watching my back on that ground cord issue, My bad.

3. Julie, send me one note per month on the 1st of the next three months.

RED, DO Not DO hardware fixes [ we dodged a bullet there] Julie, please watch me on this going forward

Good bye Rock, I know how you feel sometimes, life ain't easy for us retired MSU linebackers

put this in personal file only.

I note that the original programmer of all model 45s was a philosophy undergrad at Cambridge in England,
programmer sites, page 784 in Model 45 Programmers Manual vol 2, 2019

that he, the original programmer for all 45 computers used as a reference:

Robin Le Poidven- "Travel in Four Dimensions"- as reference concerning Time [ as does edward w pritchard your author in the story]
John McTaggart -"Proof of the Reality of Time", as a reference[ [ as does EWP ]

However I didn't mention the above to homeland security or Tuscan Insurance. It seems that the model 45's may have been exposed unintintually to philosophy, in particular the Philosophy of Time and Space. Exposure to philosophy by artificial units is frowned on for it disrupts one's ability to perform useful work.

but I didn't mention it in my reports,


like my old Granddad the Tennessee lawyer used to say,

if it ain't billable, it may be interesting but it ain't important.

Red Withers
computer programmer extraordinaire