Saturday, June 28, 2014

life's a cover; you can make it if you try

life's a cover; you can make it if you try

edward w pritchard

There's only so many scripts, there's only so many sets of song lyrics to follow your life to, there's only so many paths to find yourself on; everybody just does the same things over and over, keep on charging forward, keep on trucking my friend, "you have to live till you die."

Check out Gene Allison on you tube singing " you can make it if you try", later covered by the Rolling Stones and Sly and the Family Stones.

Keep on truckin my friend, life only looks easy for others when you don't know what they are going through, and when you don't walk in their shoes.

Live your life, take action make choices. "You have to live until you die".


Gospel style blues; Vee jay records 1958, " You can make it if you try" wrote and produced by Ted Jarett, singer of original version Gene Allison.

wake in your foxhole but be floating at sea with a storm coming to drench your raft and free your spirit/ version 2

Wake in your foxhole but be floating at sea with a storm coming to drench your raft and free your spirit/ version 2

Edward w Pritchard

Thunder rumbles for forty to sixty seconds after a flash of lightening at sea. There is nothing else to listen to at the moment. Count off the seconds to be sure of the distance.

How did you come to be here instead of somewhere else; why are you now about to confront a storm at sea? You know for a fact that you are in your foxhole waiting to go over the top in a few minutes to charge the formidable German veterans in 1916 at the battle of the Somme.

So many random occurrences have been unobserved yet cumulatively they are critical to what is about to happen next in your life. How did you come to be in these circumstances at this critical junction in your life?

Wake in your bed but be floating at sea with a storm coming to drench your raft and free your spirit.

Count off the seconds between the lightening flash and the end of the growling of the rolling thunder.

Any place that provides sanctuary in a storm is a welcome place to be.

Head up and rifle to the ready but for the short moment be calm bobbing on the waves safe and alone in a warm blue tropical sea of hope.

Awaken instantly with crystal clarity; the whistle sounds soon. It's time to go over the top.

Take action. Make changes. Charge, it's time to go over the top.

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

wake in your bed but be floating at sea with a storm coming to drench your raft and your spirit

Wake in your bed but be floating at sea with a storm coming to drench your raft and your spirit

Edward w Pritchard

Thunder rumbles for forty to sixty seconds after a flash of lightening at sea. There is nothing else to listen to at the moment. Count off the seconds to be sure of the distance.

How did you come to be here instead of somewhere else; why are you now about to confront a storm at sea?

So many random occurrences have been unobserved yet cumulatively they are critical to what is about to happen next.

Wake in your bed but be floating at sea with a storm coming to drench your raft and your spirit.

Count off the seconds between the lightening flash and the end of the growling of the rolling thunder.

Any place that provides sanctuary in a storm is a welcome place to be.

Monday, June 23, 2014

Americans are a perverse and degenerate people

Americans are a perverse and degenerate people

Edward w Pritchard

Dear Abney;

I am a born Russian now living in America my adopted Country and I can say without hesitation that Americans are a perverse and degenerate people. I include myself in my sweeping statement for everyone associated with the air and water here in America becomes the same way.

 For example look at the Native Americans who have every reasons to hate America for what was done to their beautiful Homeland. These same Native Americans now own Casinos and have their employees serve free drinks, gambling credits and  half prized tickets for Country Western shows to the descendants of the Soldiers who the original Native Americans once fought with to preserve their ancient way of life.

Native Americans and Their Casino interests are not what I wish to ask you about. Abney what do you think of these Radio Shack inventory vultures?

I am talking about people here in the project where I live who go to the struggling retailer Radio Shack day in and day out and ask the two employees talking there at the register " Has the post bankruptcy inventory liquidation sale started yet "? 

First it's cruel to remind the employees of a company working in Retail that a Bankruptcy is imminent  and secondly everyone knows that such a post bankruptcy inventory liquidation would be held online anyway.

All I can say is us Americans are a perverse and degenerate people.

Dear Abney responds:

Boris, I once stopped in Radio Shack at the strip mall in town here to get out of the rain in a sudden downpour. They were polite and courteous to Abney. I will miss those guys.

Radio Shack is on death watch. View their struggle on Yahoo Finance at stock symbol RHS after 9:30 AM today. Current stock price .90 [cents]. Author has no stock position in this company but once visited a store looking for batteries but wasn't waited on.

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Unusual pairings; Marianne Faithful and David Bowie sing "I've got you Babe"

Usual pairings; Marianne Faithful and David Bowie sing " I've got you Babe"

Edward w Pritchard

From an angel faced Hapsburg heiress searching for a Home to a broken but pleasing voiced crooner Marianne Faithful poured her pierced soul into every song, " Sister Morphine", that she co-wrote,a cover of Cat Stevens " Sad Lisa" and a powerful " rendition of John Lennon's " Working class hero" round out Marianne Faithful mournful repertoire. Her excellent " Mack the Knife" in English is stunning to hear.

David Bowie is absurdly unique. "A character in search of an author."

It's an unusual pairing David Bowie and Marianne Faithful cover Sonny Bono's  " I've got you Babe" on you tube. David is purposely Kitsch, Marianne is typically dark.

Check it out Marianne Faithful in costume; David Bowie as his true self as a pair singing " I've got you Babe".

" Mack the Knife" by Bertold Brecht" and " Six characters in search of an author" absurd reference by Luigi Pirandello.

" Sister Morphine" co writers Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and Marianne Faithful

Dante in Exile, Beatrice and Gemma


Dante in exile, Beatrice and Gemma

Dante in exile

edward w pritchard

A melody without words is Beatrice.
God's glance, born as Beatrix.
Clasping eyes I espied ageless beauty.
Beatrice and I shared no song. A duet would I have liked.
Refusing to taint Beatrice, adding words, creating a song for us;
I dared not spoil God's perfect melody.
Respectful not hopeful; careful less she learn my faults and I hers, I spoke to Bice many times on the street.  Me married to Gemma and Bice in time another.
Now Beatrice is dead to me.
Me in exile from Florence, lonely so, sometimes I miss Gemma, my wife.
Blessed soul Beatrice I write much of you, but cognizant less learning facts I enshrine mere woman.

Friday, June 20, 2014

absolutely sane sober; listening to Pink Floyd " Time" and seeing the pictures in my Head unassisted and unaided

absolutely sane sober; listening to Pink Floyd " Time" and seeing the pictures in my Head unassisted and unaided

Edward w Pritchard

Please don't disturb the fiction about Time. It's running out.

Pink Floyd's "Time" popularizes the intellectual quest to come to an understanding with One's self and Time, as in Time's arrow, or "Time my sentinel" by this author reposted below.

Does time have real existence? Or, as Immanuel Kant speculates does time only have real existence as  relations between things? Such as our intuition and the observation of the birth and death of a bright red rose in the Garden.

Unaided by any source, including the writings or thoughts of others and to also exclude any hallucinogenics I approach the problem of Time's reality in my own head using Musical group " Pink Floyd" and their song " Time" from 1975 for an overlay.

We must begin any discussion of Time's nature and reality with Mc Taggart's proof. [ look it up ]
Using relatively simple logic Professor Mc Taggart proves the unreality of time.

Pink Floyd says " Hanging around on a piece of ground in your Hometown"

Let's go back together to before thirty five years ago. We will visit a dark decrepit Mall where we all once frequented. Let's stop at Radio Shack, and Sears, and Penny's and have a sandwich made on white bread with spam from the food court. Gasoline was one dollar a gallon and no one had a cell phone in their pocket.

Think about you being at the Mall in 1980. Were you then the same as "you" are now?

In 1980 you were waiting, waiting for " someone or something to show you the Way"

Did we find " the way" over the last thirty years?

I am straining my brain but I can't remember the Future.

Time is running out. Radio Shack, Sears and Penny's will have one last gigantic clearance sale. Everyone will stop by the mall one last time. Your children will be in their soccer uniforms at the food court and ask for pizza and Dr. Pepper. Buy some tools in a plastic pack for the Husband, maybe a socket set in Metric; someday everyone will use metric and everyone will have to speak Spanish in America. Go to Sears or Penny's and buy a new suit and tie for work; everyone will wear a tie to work in the future. Stop at the Carmel corn kiosk and buy some snack food for the pretty Wife.

Things are changing; that I know for sure. Look at the back of your right hand. Remember when you made a powerful fist, raced up hills on a bike without gears or could run across an uphill field until darkness came.

Ok I can't remember the future here and now in June 2014. It's because I am already getting old and what will happen in a dozen years in 2026 will be happening when my memory then is so much worse than now. It's logical to suppose if I am here in a dozen years my memory will be so much worse than now. That's why we can't remember the future. We only recall the Past. Recall the past. Recall the past.

" Every day your getting older, never seem to find the time",

" Time" , " the song is over, nothing more to say" [ note- " Time" by Pink Floyd and lyrics by Rogers Waters 1973]

Now is now, I am sure of that. Recall the past. Strain to remember the future, strain; try to remember a September twelve years in the future, " try to remember, and if you remember, then follow," .

[ note- "Try to remember a kind of September" from the fantasticks 1960 lyrics by Tom Jones]

Thursday, October 13, 2011

time my sentinel

time my sentinel

edward w pritchard

Time my sentinel dissolve
and I'll  walk back over your broken fractured bones
to before
before when this wasn't here
and before which would then never change
without time walking his post
back and forth towards now's future

Thursday, June 19, 2014

don't enlighten me on secret messages in the Beatles songs to their ex girlfriends

don't enlighten me on secret messages in the Beatles songs to their ex girlfriends

Edward w Pritchard

I just like to hear the music; I'll come up with my own interpretations of what the message in the lyrics is or isn't in old Beatles songs that I like to listen to on you tube.

Ringo's girlfriends, John's early Cynthia, and of course patti boyd, Patti Boyd, PATTI BOYD bore and confuse me. I just want to hear the music without the psychological deciphering by business people on you tube trying to gleam subscribers from an apathetic generation of potential new Beatles fans.

Some of us grew up with the Beatles; first suave older Brothers, then hung over druggy cousins, and then reluctant gurus. May they rest in Peace or continue happy life.

One Beatle wife now gone that I really appreciated was Linda Mc Carthy. I went to the Youngstown Butler museum once to see her photography and was wowed by her talent, by her "eye" to see the world as a photographer. Sadly she is gone and so is her photography that once was displayed at the Youngstown museum of Art in it's own unique gallery.

Times change, the Beatles have aged and so have we. To some of us their music awakened parts of our consciousness that were only sleeping waiting for an unknown friend to jostle.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

there's a cool breeze at night in our tower house but it's embarrassing to hear our neighbor argue with his wife

there's a cool breeze at night in our tower house but it's embarrassing to hear our neighbor argue with his wife

Edward w Pritchard

It's very hot here in San Giacomo at night at street level but there is a wonderful breeze after midnight here in our tower house. No one sleeps safely at street level below with a window or door open because of fear of thieves, long running feuds between political factions, or fear of Plague. Seventy five feet above street level we keep the windows open all night and the long bolts of colorful cloth hanging down the stone sides of my tall tower house flap in a cool night breeze and we sleep serenely safe from the town below. Our family have lived safely in this tower house for several hundred years here in San Giacomo, Italy.

Lately, one drawback of living in a Tower House has began to bother me. There's a cool breeze at night in our tower house but it's embarrassing to hear our neighbor argue with his wife. For some reason acoustic sounds travel very well at the level we live and sleep in and I can here our neighbors from the packed streets below arguing for hours and hours when they lay in bed with their wives. Sometimes I wish I didn't understand the Italian language for what they say would make a Portuguese sailor blush.

It's sad to sleep alone in a hard bed in a tower house but the Italian breezes at night are comfortable and keep me company after midnight while I worry and plan over the Family cloth business here in our humble hill town in San Giacomo, Italy. Still it disturbs me to hear my neighbors wife's hostile tone of voice when she argues and fusses with her Husband very late at night many feet below my window.

Better to sleep alone I suppose than to have your dreams interrupted by fussing and arguing.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Drones don't march in rows into battle; should we send Drone soldiers to Iraq today?

Drones don't march in rows into battle; should we send Drone soldiers into Iraq today?

Edward w Pritchard

More by author Pritchard on Drone armies. Artificial intelligence units built to fight and win wars or peace keeping actions overseas.


There is something quaint and old fashion to see British, French and German soldiers waving their hats, kissing nearby girls, and huge numbers of enlisted men marching in rows into battle in the first world war at the Battle of the Somme in France in 1916.

Drones don't march in rows into battle, drones don't hole up in trenches for years like rats, and drones don't develop nervous twitches caused by battle fatigue.

A military Drone does it's duty effectively. Period.

When a Drone is put out of commission by the enemy no one is required to play taps for a fallen Drone. No national cemeteries need be built for fallen Drones and no one needs to write a Gettysburg address on the back of a napkin while riding on a train to honor the fallen Drones.

Drone soldiers follow their duty. Period.

It's quite Ok to miss an old flame if you must

It's Ok to miss an old flame if you must

Edward w Pritchard

Imagine anyone but Vivian Leigh as Blanche Dubois? Certainly not.

Old flames, they return on the wind to interrupt your life no matter what your into at the time.

What I wrote before:
repost/ one edit

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

letter to Blanche Dubois

letter to Blanche Dubois

edward w pritchard

Yes, I am not one for writing. It was so sad when you left Stella's house down in the French quarter; I couldn't write until now. I missed you.

I am in the South again. Sort of  the South, I am in North Carolina, at the beach. Won't you come and walk with me at the ocean? I know you don't like bright light. Today's there is a storm at sea. The sky is a muted red with streaks of violent, opps I mean violet.

How have you been getting on since they took you away, dear Ms. Dubois. It's been ages, what is it sixty five years ago since you left New Orleans. Where did they take you? How are you getting on? I bet you play mah jong and gamble some there and can you drink a little? It's OK, if you have other gentlemen friends there. I'll try to understand. What do they call the place where they took you to live? Are the strangers who took you away kind to you there Blanche?

I drove a long way to get to the ocean; through mountains, over hill, over dales. Tomorrow I will be there at the beach. I'll watch for you walking on the dunes. Wear the long dress. The one that blows and flaps in the winds at the shore. We can watch the storms blow in from Portugal and I will have a few beers and you can have gin. Don't worry about the bright light. When there is a storm at sea the light is muted and it's hard to see things clearly.

where does the Bear wait while the Bull finishes his time on stage?

Where does the Bear wait while the bull finishes his time on stage?

Edward w Pritchard

By this point in the cycle the Bull in Bull Market has gotten down right predictable. He is social and suave now and wealthy folks invite him to their parties and ordinary folks let him sit in their living room and ask him questions about their 401K's.

When the Bull in Bull Market is taken for granted it's time to wonder about his cousin the Bear who has disappeared altogether; living in a rented room month to month down at the YMCA nearly forgotten. Perhaps the Bear has developed a drinking problem, sleeping till noon, and not interfering in business and commerce at all.

Sometimes it's foreign interests that bring the Bear back to Center stage. Like the German's in 1917 in world war one buying Lenin the Red agitator a third class ticket to Moscow on the Greyhound bus, the Bear is coming to disrupt the lives of rich and poor alike.

Sometimes the Bear is summoned by Bankers fooling around with interest rates or by do-gooders wanting to pay the unskilled workers fifteen dollars and hour for an honest days work at fast food restaurants.

The Bull in bull Market and the Bear in new Bear market don't say much to each other when they change places and most people don't even know that anything is different.

If you are  lucky you will see the Bull standing in a long dark tunnel at a football or baseball game smoking a cigarette reading the racing forum, and you will realize that he no longer works on the financial channel; sitting as the silent honored guest dressed in an expensive suit and wearing a fresh flower in his lapel nodding wisely during discussions about the price of gold, levels of interest rates or sinking commodity prices.

As for the Bear in New Bear Market he comes charging straight at you head up, powerful of shoulders and roaring as he tears and shreds apart the lives of just about everybody everywhere. Not every Bear is destined to be remembered but he sure starts off that way.

Later, after your portfolio is decimated and your dreams of European vacations dashed you try to remember why you once tipped pretty waitresses five dollars to bring you cold coffee in a café while you read your Wall Street Journal everyday looking for secret patterns in the price changes of Beef futures each morning.

Historical note- Lenin actually took a train to Moscow that time in 1917

Monday, June 16, 2014

Watch the stock market closely today for clues to what happens next everywhere and always

Watch the stock market today for clues to what happens next everywhere and always

Edward w Pritchard

The Stock market is the most sensitive and efficient barometer ever invented. Not only will the Stock market tell you what the price of Oil and Facebook will be in sixty eight days if you know how to decipher the message hidden among ten trillion other inputs but it will tell you your own future hidden in those same ten trillion bits of information.

Should you fill up the car with Gas today or wait till tomorrow for the price of refined gasoline futures to drop a penny a gallon or two? What to do, what to do. Watch the coal and oil sectors; the efficient market knows all.

Here's what I wrote before about the efficient market conundrum.

edward w pritchard

There's too much passing in professional football. Too much passing in football is caused by the desire by everyone for instant gratification of all their needs.

Instant gratification causes the slow demise of the school systems which keeps the young from being properly educated. Lack of education is causing politicians to be selfish and not altruistic and instead greedy and dishonest. Poor performance by politicians screws up the economy. A screwed up economy makes people cash poor and poor people can't afford tickets to professional football games.

In time the economic system in America is self correcting. Until then, maybe women quarterbacks in Professional football; it's indisputable that women can't throw a football as far as men; all other things being equal.

my Ode to duty/ part two

my Ode to Duty/ Part 2

Edward w Pritchard

With crystal clarity I see what to do. It was right there in front of me all along.

Like a soldier slowly climbing out of his trench I lightly lift weapons and head across no man's land more curious for what happens next than concerned or afraid.

Ten million things interact and to proceed I plan to cut the Gordian knot at the center binding me to extinct paths and positions with my glistening dagger.

Watch me soar World. With forgotten wings I take to the sky. All clear below, gliding toward the future goes I.


Here is what I wrote before in part 1

my ode to duty

edward w pritchard

Duty you abandoned me and you were all that kept me going. I know I know I was supposed to forever chase you. Like a panting school boy with amorous plans. Forever pursuing. Never to reach the climax.

Duty whisper to me again, I will march toward your voice I promise. I am just a little lost, off the path. Dangle your enticements just to get me marching again.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

old wedding cake stored in plastic bags in the ice box

old wedding cake stored in plastic bags in the ice box

Edward w Pritchard

I found some old wedding cake stored in plastic bags in the ice box.

You had tied the plastic bags meticulously with care and it took me a moment to unravel the bag to get to the Cake. You must have twisted the knotted red tie twenty times to keep the cake always fresh I guess.

The white icing was crumbly like duned drifted sands in the Moroccan dessert and the icing fell apart in my hands and heaped onto the kitchen floor.

The blue and red lettering on icing was faded unreadable and I had forgotten what we had wrote with blue icing on our wedding cake. Try as I might I can't remember.

The cake itself is frozen solid but it is crispy and comes apart in cubic marbled sheets like quartz or diamond being cleaved by a bent bespectacled Jewish jeweler in a dark workshop in Amsterdam.

The cake sticks to my lips and tongue when I try to taste it and it is bitter and my immune system jolts with alarm that it might be toxic or poison.

The cake is so light now, it nearly floats in my hands when I hold it.

The wedding cake stored in the icebox is nearly all gone; soon there will be plenty of space for others things or for cold air to circulate freely about the compartment of the icebox.

What's wrong with celebrating Father's and Mother's day?

What's wrong with celebrating Father's and Mother's day?

Edward w Pritchard

The world is a very complicated place. It's that way in 2014, it was that way in 1971, and that way in 1942, in 1914, in 1863, and 1814, and 1789. It's been a complicated World for a long time.

So many wars and political intrigues everywhere. The only things Governments throughout the world
can agree on is that it is necessary to white wash the truth to constituencies everywhere. All governments think and believe that real ordinary people can't handle too much truth and reality.

If a person who is a little too half crazy to play along with the white washing of truth is put into a position on the inside and of authority by said Governments and he speaks out against the system he is jailed in Democratic open societies or shot down or disappeared elsewhere in the World.

What George Orwell, one of those dissidents half crazies, when he was put into a position of authority by the powers that be in his time, called " Orwellian" behavior concerning his British government and others; is really just business as usual everywhere and always by those in Power.

You can't change things or eliminate wars and political intrigues by wishing or protesting.

Is there a military industrial complex in America? Do the French condone torture in Africa? These are two of the open societies that are highest level evolved as civilizations as the philosopher Popper writes about concerning what is an Open society.

What goes on in Iraq, Iran and Pakistan? What happens to anyone who speaks out there?

Too much reality is depressing. History is dreadful as it happens. Wars, and intrigues and lies, lies, lies to the constituents. Everybody is a constituent and everybody is lied to.

Time instead to go to the opera, or to hear classical music, or go to a movie about celluloid heroes who never die, or to soccer or baseball or a video game or shopping or to buy new flowers and lawn tools at Home Depot or to walk about a souk if you live in the Middle East. Everyone, everywhere, wouldn't it be nice to fall in Love again? If you are in Love, don't waste your time worrying about politics or business for the time being.

It's Father's day. What's wrong with celebrating Father's and Mother's day throughout the World?

It would be nice if Mother's and Father's days were celebrated everywhere simultaneously at once throughout all the countries of the world. Children could show respect to their parents and everyone could not focus on the dreadful reality of History unfolding and instead see the beautiful side of life for one day. Each family could honor the Parents of all countries which might foster respect for the World community.

From Me, to you, just a romantic trying to see the sunny side of life.

I am glad to see my children on father's day.
The only thing that would be better for me than seeing my children today is if today all the Native America tribes could be back for one day here in America, the land could be as it was before civilization arrived, and I could spend a day hiking and hunting with a local tribe here in Ohio and tonight sit around the campfire at supper with my new friends.

Happy Father's day
Love your Mother's, elderly relatives, and all the children of the World today as well.

Here below is what I wrote before on Too much reality being drag:

just a dreamer looking for the romantic side of life

Edward w Pritchard

When I go to see Romeo and Juliet performed I don't want to see Juliet break character before, during or after the performance.

When I am introduced to some ones new baby I don't want to hear a cynic tell me that the beautiful child will soon be old, bent and gray.

When I see a bride at a wedding throw a bouquet enthusiastically over her shoulder I don't want to be reminded that there is a 50% chance one of the couple will fly the nest.

When I watch a son skillfully kick and dribble the soccer ball from foot to foot I want to pretend he will make the pro's someday and buy his family a mansion on a hill with his signing bonus.

If I fail in my paternal duties as the guardian of community morality and upholder of the common good now a days, forgive me. Life has become too real for me.

I wish children to be always unique, brides always enthusiastic, boys always budding superstars and the world to be really a stage where all the lines are delivered genuinely and timely by beautiful characters.

I am just a dreamer looking for the romantic side of life. Let mornings be breezy, afternoons be filled with warm gentle rains and evening skies be pregnant with swirling galaxies, winking stars, lonely planets and sorrowful Moons.

Don't break character, things look so much better when we stick to the script.

Saturday, June 14, 2014

America 2014; the tired old battered about the face boxer decides to retire

America 2014; the tired old battered about the face boxer decides to retire

Edward w Pritchard

What next for America?

Maybe it's time for us to mind our own business more and let other powerful countries mind to their local spheres of interests and in doing so defend human rights violations, sectarian violence issues, and the sanctity of womanhood in their geographic areas of influence. Meanwhile Americans will stay home and mind to our own local interests. If the Ohio River or Wisconsin is threatened we will become enraged, otherwise let's try to mind our own interests and business in our geographic area of interest which is not the entire planet at this time in History.

America 2014; a tired old battered about the face boxer decides to retire from the ring for a while.

Let's not get involved in Iraq again and let's remember what we have learned about Sunni and Shiites in the last fifteen years and fight back by becoming oil, coal and alternative energy independent in America.

America your sins from deeds committed by us in the past have been purged and forgiven by History's march toward the future; let's raise our eyes towards tomorrow's potentialities.

Our country needs to get back to work and business and quit burning billions of dollars trying to repair the hearts and minds of people foreign to our understanding. Think locally for the time being tired America.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

100 years ago this Month; the old world order imploded

100 years ago this Month ; the old world order imploded

Edward w Pritchard

More on where are the Hapsburg's who were once important and influential indeed.

June 18, 1914 first the plan; then the terrible deed ten days later on June 28th that started World War 1.

Nationalism, some places are always hot spots for trouble, turmoil and sectarian violence . Today in June 2014 it's Iraq but 100 years ago it was Sarajevo, in Bosnia.

Today in 2014 passionate nameless freedom fighters in Iraq and Syria are willing to die for Homeland. 100 years ago in 1914 on the eve of world War One it was the same in the Hapsburg Austrian-Hungarian empire in the region of Bosnia, then always a cauldron of sedition and trouble to the established order.

In 1914 throughout June Grabez Princip a teenage nobody passionately plotted and planned and practiced how to shoot, kill, and assassinate the heir to the Hapsburg dynasty, Archduke Franz Ferdinand, which was the seminal event which started World War 1 and ended the European dominance of the World.

Hegel the German philosopher if I may paraphrase and make him easier to understand says "War is good Progress; War moves society forward toward the goals of History."

Progress was in the air in June 1914. Progress that brings Historical pain, suffering and horrors to the status quo and those ordinary people who just want to live in peace. Millions died and suffered for Nationalism, colonial interests and because of alliances among the powerful interested Countries in World War One.

Where will " progress" and nationalism in the name of "pure" forms of religion lead the world order in June of 2014?

Nameless passionate freedom fighters are again ready to die for their ideal vision of " Homeland".

Where will the Progress of History take us once the chaos of "Progress" is unleashed over the lands of Earth again?

June 10,000 BC Paleo Indians settle near Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin. 

June 1634 French under commander Nicholas Perrot build Fort St. Nicholas at Prairie du Chien.

 June 4, 1814 Euro-Americans begin construction of fort Shelby at Prairie du Chien Wisconsin as protection against the original Native- American Indians .

June 28 2014 Americans living in Prairie du Chien, Wisconcin celebrate annual June days with a visit to the Hole in the Sock Gang street theater unaware that foreign interests eye their lifestyle with envy.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

the urge to belong

the urge to belong

Edward w Pritchard

Ask any soldier what was the one most eerie aspect of soldiering and most would mention phantom walk on comrades.

Walk on comrades were friends or members of the unit who had been killed who showed up for duty late at night.

Inevitably the dead walk on soldier would have an arm blown off and his uniform would be drenched and dripping in red clotted blood. Often he would be struggling to still carry his rifle with his good arm.

It happened to me while I was on front line guard duty in the uppermost front trenches in the siege of  Petersburg Virginia . I wasn't the only soldier to report seeing a dead Union soldier show up in the trench there in the dark while alone sitting in the misty cold listening and peering all night on vigil for Reb spies and assassins to infiltrate our front lines.

I don't like staying in one place too long after battle; it gives our dead and fallen comrades a chance to find us again. It's probably comforting to the dead and fallen to still belong after brutal battlefield death to the same unit and to still wear the same familiar uniform and to still carry their same trusty rifle for a while after death but it' spooky as Hell to be alone on guard up in the front trenches at night secretly scared of getting your throat cut by Rebs and to peer into the darkness and to see Jeremiah Parker, aide to General Grant, a private from Cario, Ohio who got hit by a sniper at supper last month standing over you in a bloody uniform in a dark musty trench at three ten in the morning.

Why do one armed apparitions with a blood soaked dripping uniform who have been dead and buried for a full month always come back to their units at three ten in the morning? I am not the first on guard duty alone to talk secretly of such things. I heard lieutenant Johnson say "don't be to hard on our mates boys, all old soldiers just have a will to belong even after they are a month or two dead."

I guess it's all right for lieutenant Johnson to call eighteen year old private Jeremiah Parker an old soldier after Parker showed up in my trench a month after he was hit in the shoulder by a sniper at supper but it sure was spooky as Hell to me to see such a weeping young one arm comrade standing over me in a dark misty trench in the middle of the night in 1864 a few miles outside of Petersburg, Virginia.

I know I'll never forget the look on young Jerimiah's face that night way back then just before the end of the Civil War.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

we suffer the most when we suffer for someone else unselfishly

we suffer the most when we suffer for someone else unselfishly

Edward w Pritchard

It's easy to be detached in a sermon addressed to others.

We suffer the most when we suffer for someone else unselfishly.

No matter how empty I become inside there is still a space occupied by you.

Step into the light, I can't see you but for the total darkness.

Whisper aloud, I can't hear you but for the silence.

Move, I follow the shadow left by your absence.

Suburban cowboy Sunday morning; sometimes you have to take a good hard look at your situation

Suburban cowboy Sunday morning; sometimes you have to take a good hard look at your situation

edward w pritchard

Pascal's wager?.

Sometimes you have to take a good hard look at your situation.

Pascal the brilliant mathematician and feeling philosopher did.

Sometimes modern people have a tendency to think anyone who lived a long time ago like Pascal was stupid and their understanding irrelevant to modern times. Then by chance we read what someone like Pascal wrote on any subject and our eyes are opened.

Pascal's wager was his solution to the quandary we all face.

Should I or should I not ask for God's blessing?

It's very simple really. No need to go to the house of worship, No need for ancient dogma, no need to wear new clothes to get there.

George Harrison of the Beatles said "Chanting the names of the Lord will set you free."

You don't need to be friendly green to the environment, you don't need to worry over missing persons in Africa, you don't need to spend your life guilty.

Pascal's wager boiled down is THE Koan. Forget the intellectual bargaining of weighing the chance of something unreal existing. Pascal's Koan is what would happen if you just ask for God's blessing.

Joy and rapture. Walk and see free from sin.

George Harrison lyrics from " Awaiting on You"

Blaise Pascal's wager from Pascal's "Pensees" section number 233

Saturday, June 7, 2014

the cynics apothecary, the birds and the bees and Vincent Van Gogh/ part 2

Edward w Pritchard

Reader, this takes a little work on your part to glean the nuances of this thought however if you take the time which takes a few minutes we will gain insight into ourselves, maybe yourself  included.

This is about seeing reality as Vincent Van Gogh saw it.

step one see any self portrait of Vincent Van Gogh from 1889 in particular maybe the one with a bandaged ear, you may use the Internet such as Google images [or go to the museums]

step two  see Van Gogh's picture of Alexander Reid 1887 the art dealer who I think is Van Gogh's idealized image of himself, although Reid was a real person and influential in Van Gogh's life.

step three See Van Gogh's sunflowers

step four see Van Gogh's Wheatfield with Crows 1890

step 5 see the Night Café by Van Gogh 1888, you might now be seeing the World as Van Gogh saw it

Now go to a nice garden someone has created and cared for and thank them for displaying it for us to see.

Here's what I wrote before about Van Gogh's "eye" which might sometimes have gleamed magnificent Sunflowers as Hostas.

the cynics apothecary, the birds and the bees/part 2

edward w pritchard

No one ever heard the official version of the birds and the bees. Instead other metaphors are used for nature and where we came from.

Originally elemental matter is made by nuclear reactions in stars. Before the elements, stars were made by gravity spinning nothingness. About twelve billion years later matter became plants and eventually blackberries bursted with moistful  temporariness before dropping as dried pons into the earth.  From the soil flowering weedish trees sent blooming flowers, colored delicious pinks, advertising skyward inner mysterious folds of  potentiality.

Thereafter all plants have a brief magnificent explosive blooming.  Later hostas emerged which could be easily split with even the smaller half surviving the disruption. Hosatas avoided the sunlight preferring dark low shady ground seldom blooming, being ignored by bees and birds.

Friday, June 6, 2014

the road less traveled by

the road less traveled by

Edward w Pritchard

Rushing, life unexamined, events intervening, thirsty, hungry and tired at eighteen I didn't pause at the fork of the road to consider implications of direction,

 and sauntered forward did I.


sensing things amiss I carefully sorted dreams,

sitting alone

realized some things did I.

" road less traveled by" from Walt Whitman [public domain]

why does my laptop computer gnash, snarl and grind it's gears and teeth in pain?

why does my laptop computer gnash, snarl and grind it's gears and teeth in pain?

Edward w Pritchard

American Job numbers are released Friday morning:

The boys and now girls working at the twelve regional Federal reserves have been creating white papers trying to figure out where all the quality American jobs have gone. The number of jobs lost since 2008 recession is finally stabilizing and that's good but the quality of new jobs created is poor.

Tomorrow morning the employment numbers manufactured, created and released by our government should finally prove that in terms of jobs creations and losses we are finally back to about even. Federal reserve employees want to know why and what it means.

Modern American jobs have less security than they should and workers suffer a secret anxiety that the job that supports the life style of themselves and their loved ones is a sham. Our jobs won't stick by us in the next recession. Us workers don't have long term careers anymore.

Many of the benefits that accrue to the American economy today are the residual accumulations from older worker's pensions, savings and social security benefits from good times past. Times that are now gone because current workers in aggregate don't have secure quality jobs in America these days. What happens when the next recession strikes and older retired folks pull in their horns and hunker down?

We have a European style economy here in America now a days. Every one has to scramble and be nimble to survive. Part time work sustains us, sort of; we live from paycheck to paycheck and a little red wine keeps us going. We live just like the Italians or Portuguese we saw on television use to.

Where are the people who use to raise goats in European villages? How about the artisans in Italy who hand painted plates to sell to rich American tourists?

It's crucial that we understand where American quality jobs have gone and we may find a clue in where the traditional jobs of European goat herders and hand painters of fine plate art in Italy have vanished to.

The boys and now girls working here in America at the St Louis Federal Reserve are busy fully employed and accumulating fine pensions for later to find out how the American economy has changed. Maybe some workers at the regional federal reserves might look at what happened to traditional jobs in Europe.

Once government employees at the regional federal reserves find out the connection between vanishing American jobs and changes to traditional jobs in Europe maybe they can let us know. They will have to tell someone soon who writes part time articles on yahoo finance to post the information, then we will all know; What has happened to good jobs in America?

Why does my laptop computer gnash, snarl and grind it's gears and teeth in pain when I write about vanishing quality jobs in the private sector in America?

My computer is upset because it's tired of everyone blaming technology and computers for eliminating quality jobs in America.

My laptop suggests that too much government regulation interferes with the job creation process by sending false signals to workers and employers in the private sector. My computer suggests we look on the internet to find out why.

My computer also suggests that job seekers work in either Government or if you can't find a government job maybe the software business.

My laptop also suggests that American's might not want to major in Journalism and learn to think and write clearly concerning cause and effect in subjects such as American job birth and deaths and the relationship between the American economy of today and the traditional European village business model.

My laptop computer suggests that instead of majoring in Journalism and accumulating a ton of student loan debt that a would be job seeker learn to write convoluted articles like this one for yahoo finance and post it whenever the job numbers are about to come out the next morning under the come on title of " why does my laptop computer gnash, snarl and grind it's gears and teeth in pain?"

Hey writing cheesy articles like this is a living, part time, no benefits but sort of a job.

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

author puts an old hat [ pronounced- ole at] out to collect pennies from readers

author puts an old hat [ pronounced- ole at] out to collect pennies from readers

Edward w Pritchard

Money, money, money; my it certainly is expensive to get by these days. One by one my bad habits and vices have become unaffordable.

An acquaintance of author suggests that author solicits donations from readers in case the insatiable urge to write subsides before chance alone produces something desirable to read by author's miniscule Public audience.

Here is something  I wrote before about money, money, money. In the story the union plumber carries an umbrella [ or walking stick] "like the well to do often do on Park Avenue" when " putting on the Ritz." Union plumber symbolizes money.

For us all prosperity is always just around the next corner; been on Park Avenue or to the Ritz lately?

PS- author is not soliciting funds at this time.

A union Plumber comes to Harlem

Edward w Pritchard

It's not raining and he's carrying an umbrella and it's not cold and he's wearing a gray silk scarf. It's not the 1940's and he's talking about count Basie and it's not Saturday night and he wants to hear swing music. A union plumber comes to Harlem.

Grandma wanted a white man to fix the problem with the pipes.

It's the same each time. Southern cooking is the best, they ate it as a boy. Langston Hughes is a significant writer and Duke Ellington is a consummate artist.

Southern cooking killed Grandpa of heart attack and we just want to get our pipes fixed at a reasonable cost.

It's not raining and he's carrying an umbrella and it's not cold and he's wearing a gray silk scarf. A union plumber comes to Harlem.

" ole at" for old hat is from Long John Baldry " don't try to lay no boogie woogie on the king of rock and roll"

" putting on the Ritz" by Irving Berlin 1927

intelligent machines and the horror of rebirth caused by interchangeable parts

intelligent machines and the horror of rebirth caused by interchangeable parts

Edward w Pritchard

note- early writing by author on " the sentience of intelligent machines"

All sentient beings share a common desire for happy life then an end to memory and awareness following their termination.

Do not tolerate or support intelligent sentient machines to suffer the horror of rebirth caused by the use interchangeable parts. Recycling of sentient hardware forward into intelligent machines is cruel and blasphemous.

Keep all free from persistent birth.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Is Hawkeye's Father the retired Doctor still living alone up in Maine?

Is Hawkeye's Father the retired Doctor still living alone up in Maine?

Edward w Pritchard

Is Hawkeye's Father the retired Doctor still living alone up in Maine? If so I hope his son Hawkeye Pierce the character from MASH goes home to Crabapple Cove and visits him regularly.

Older people living alone have to strain their extrovert-ism to make new friends and it's hard for anyone to develop new interests after a certain age. Being alone can be hard and any little thing can get to be overwhelming. Sometimes it's seems like no one has your back.

Hawkeye could ask one of the neighbors there in Maine to borrow a small row boat and he and his Dad could go fishing. While out in the boat Hawkeye could clap his hands over his ears when his Dad asks him "when are you going to find a nice girl and get married" for the third time. Then the two Doctors could talk about serious things a bit like innovations coming in the treatment of hypertension or the senior Doctor Pierce's own health issues. Lastly when they were laughing because the fish weren't biting and the boat was leaking Hawk could tell his Dad something he remembered about his Mom.

After fishing the two pals could stop at the diner and have home fries and poached eggs like they did when Hawk was kid. At the diner both Doc's could flirt with the same waitress for fun and try to outdo each other with the tip.

After they got back to the house Hawkeye could go up the ladder and fix the birdhouse his Mom had put in the tree a long time ago before she passed on.
Note-MASH characters and setting created by Richard Hooker in "Mash; A novel about three army Doctors" adapted for television by Larry Gelbart.

Sunday, June 1, 2014

celebrity Anne B. Davis, Alice of the Brady bunch passed away today

celebrity Anne B Davis, Alice of the Brady bunch passed away today

edward w pritchard

Author's note this article will attempt to adhere to the European unions right to anonymity laws and suggestions concerning writings concerning deceased celebrities although said author doesn't have the readership to technically be bound by right to anonymity issues concerning fair treatment of celebrities and the additional fact that I have not been given the courtesy of a copy of the European Union's Right to anonymity suggestions from the powers that be in Brussels.  

More celebrities are dying than are being created. This author has written with alarm on this before and is now restating his concerns about the decline in the number of real celebrities in America.

Today Anne B. Davis who played the housekeeper on the Brady bunch passed away following a fall in her home. She will be missed. Although Miss Davis was retired from celebrity life her work is available in many forms on you tube.

Here is what I wrote before about the decline in the number of celebrities:

Celebrities are dieing right and left/ repost

edward w pritchard

Between sessions Psychological log
August 1, 2012 to Setember 1, 2012

Doctor Osterman;

The situation is becoming critical. Celebrities are dieing right and left. Today Hellen Gurley Brown, author of Sex and the Single Girl passed away. She lived a long life. As I have said before there are not enough new celebrities emerging to fill the gap created when Celebrities like Hellen Gurley Brown  pass on.

I am not just a nostalgic reactionary in this observation. I have developed a ratio of the number of celebrities to the population of the United States. According to my figures and charts the descent in the ratio of celebrities is beginning to dip at an alarming rate. I have documentation if you would care to see it. I also have developed several management tools to give a better understanding of data I am documenting.

Why is the shocking drop in the number of celebrities occurring? Total population growth  and immigration is a factor of course. Mainly however, I blame the Internet. So many well known people, but so few true celebrities.

I developed my ratio originally in 2000 when Hedy Lamarr passed away. I enjoyed very much her in "Ecstasy" especially the swimming scene. They don't make Celebrities like Hedy anymore . Besides her beauty and savoir faire she also was an inventor; she helped invent and patent  technology that later was used to develop the blue tooth technology. What a woman.

The ratio of celebrities to the total population is plunging at a remarkable rate. I am quite concerned by the recent trends.

A victimless crime according to whom?

A victimless crime according to whom?

edward w pritchard

repost with edits of: 

Pink car, pink seats, pink poodle.

The pink car was named champion, the rear plates said fox, and the oversized French poodle riding in the back seat was named Fee-fee.

Lavony wore pink suits and had pink streaks in her hair. As a joke Lavony called her pink dog Fee-fee.

Even after what she did to me I couldn't bring myself to hurt Lavony's car. I did shoot her dog. Just one shot. Fee fee was not in the car when I shot her. I am no miscreant. I wouldn't damage Lavony's pink car; even after what she did to me.

I think Lavony suspected me of shooting her dog Fee-fee because I never did like her pink dog.

I saw Lavony driving around the neighborhood later with another dog. I didn't catch it's name. I assume Lavony's has another boy friend to drive around with in her pink car. I didn't want to catch his name either. 

Edward Snowden, hero or traitor / part 2

Edward Snowden, hero or traitor/ part 2

We watched Edward Snowden's interview from Russia the other day. He was sincere and convincing.

Still we have to judge him as misguided and sadly despite his intentions a traitor to his country. His duty to follow a certain code of nondisclosure and silence was high because of his position and he violated it.

Let the Historians who write the annals of our Countries official record be kind to the reputation of Mr. Snowden but let us who are citizens understand the gravity of what he has done.

We may criticize our Government's and the Military industrial complex' Orwellian efforts in writing and we may disagree with ex President Bush's " we are at war with terrorism " mantra but we shall not betray our country.

Invisible armies who march in the night are plotting the demise to our way of life it seems.

Here's what I wrote about Mr. Snowden,
PS let's be understanding and merciful to the young man should he return Home.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

NSA "leaker" Edward Snowden, Spy or patriot

NSA "leaker" Edward Snowden, Spy or patriot

edward w pritchard

In our tree:

Before there were the great States of Russia, China and the United States the great clans of early times lived airborne in gigantic trees. In small groups, related by various affinities each clan fought fiercely to protect their space and protect it's members large or small, young or old.

It was a precarious life clinging to a branch 100 feet above ground and organization and communication were necessary to maintain internal security while performing the ordinary activities of survival.

Posturing was preferred to all out war but sometimes heavy objects such as dead branches or large stones would be dropped on an enemy or raiding party.

Worse than a traitor to the clan was a spy, someone who co-operated with foreign interests. Still spying was often preferable to outright warfare.
end part 1

John Lennon the interview from beyond the grave/ part 1

John Lennon the interview from beyond the grave/ part 1

Edward w Pritchard

author- " I certainly didn't mean to insult Yoko"

John Lennon " you were just ranting again"

author- I was always a good fan, ........"we liked the same singer"

John  "George Harrison"

author " yes , George, but I was going to say Rosie Hamlin of Rosie and the originals song " Angel Baby", I like her "it's just like heaven being here with you" as apology for what I said about Yoko and for throwing the coffee table style picture book about your lost New York years in the trash once.

John - "I liked Rosie's song and style, simple and clean and brief, she said her thing and got off the stage so to speak. Although I heard she had legal troubles with her music too."

Author- "so, tell me about your thoughts on Buddhism and India now that you have reached a certain maturity as a being "

to be continued

Google invents the rose colored glasses

Google invents the rose colored glasses

Edward w Pritchard

A new way of looking at things is coming soon. Google has introduced already first generation " google glass" billed to let the viewer view the world in new and unique ways. But, "Google glass" is already passé; the wearer sees and records the external world in the same old ways. Ho, hum and expensive to boot.

Google scientists are stealthfully working on proto types of the next generation of "Google  glass" designed to not record the external world for the viewer but to change what is being recorded. How do they change reality? That's the billion dollar secret Google is working on. Next generation Google products are not just invasive and stealthfull they will change reality for the viewer.

Everything is about me, I, and if we must, about us; you and me the viewers of the earth bound picture show that is always running and begs to be recorded and archived.

How grand if we could see reality through rose colored glasses that help us color the world without the need for little white pills of Prosac or next generation pharma products. As this author has wrote before things are not what they seem.

Turn the camera inward Google. What will we find inside our Minds?