Friday, August 22, 2014

my trip to the post office

my trip to the post office

Edward w Pritchard

I wrote before against closing the rural post offices however after visiting a post office in Akron, Ohio on Brown street I might have been mistaken in my support.

The Post office there is in a building a University President would be proud to work in. However, there is no fax services and there is no working copy machine.

I left and went to Kinko's at the University now a Fed Ex location. Service was much better and about average compared to customer service in the banking industry where I worked previously. Since they do not do certified mail I had to visit another post office at wolf ledges. I was trying to send a hearing request notice to a State Government agency and their [ the OJFS] requirements were onerous, disingenuous and high handed.

I had trouble getting in and out of the wolf ledges post office as the doors are obviously not  handicapped friendly although I am quite spry for my age and health still able to walk several miles without further heart attacks usually.

Many people believe that the way to best supervise public sector offices is to limit funding, use zero based budgeting each year and limit public sector employees to five years in total employment in the public sector. I find I have become not a fan of the public sector now that I am forced by circumstance to need some of their services.