Tuesday, August 8, 2017

routes and paths

routes and paths

edward w pritchard

Everyone is taking a different route or paths but eventually they all end up in the same place. I didn't know where I was going until recently but it doesn't make it any easier to get there.

There's no map or program and no recently developed technology by google will be of any help. If you ask questions or directions along the way it just confuses things. Even someone who is absolutely double dog sure of the ultimate destination is just sorta fooling themselves. Too bad they don't finish your trip in the end anyway. At the end of your road there is no one to reach for.

Recently I stopped looking for pacer gold mines placed into river beds by volcanoes a  few hundred million years ago. I came to find they are always somewhere else. Fame and fortune disappeared with haley's comet in 1910 the night mark twain died. Destiny had manifested itself and all the mines were played out.

I live in a ghost town now in one of the empty houses. Sometimes I can hear the echos in the middle of the night of the drunken ambitious young men who came west by boat or burro looking for riches and ready to stake their claim.

Mornings very early I am up with the sunrise because some times I walk around with my grandson.We teach each other things. I doubt he sees the ghost town yet. I sure won't tell him. A few days ago we saw a hawk take a fish from the lake. Later this week we are going to tie a rope  to a tree on a hill and pull our way towards the crest. Just for practice.

It's bad luck to write your own epitaph.

Here's what I wrote before:

buried on boot hill with no marker

buried on boot hill with no marker

Edward w Pritchard

For over a century I felt a certain distinction to be buried on boot hill with no marker. Eventually however my lack of respectability and status began to gnaw at me and I began to contemplate how to remedy my situation by changing how I would face the rest of my time in eternity.
I've decided  to become a tourist attraction. Now that I know what I want it shouldn't be so hard to accomplish my goals.

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