Thursday, June 8, 2017

accent on the wrong syllable

accent on the wrong syllable

edward w pritchard

The boss would call us into a brief meeting at a mini board room and after hearing a few lies from some of the team about why things were going so poorly would shake his head and looking into the distance would mutter" accent on the wrong syllable." Summing up the entire human condition in one pithy platitude.

Sometimes listening to Chopin's "Liebestraum",  love dream my mind will rearrange the tempo to re-set the mood caused by the beat of the external world pulsing around me. The march of History I have heard that stuttering march that surrounds our temporal reality called by the wise men of the ancient past.

Today, I awake, I march about seamlessly through the madding throngs of faceless strangers. Me the invisible man of the crowd [1] them accent on the wrong syllable.

[1] author is referencing Edgar Allen Poe

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