Wednesday, June 7, 2017

imaginary lover's unreal

imaginary lovers unreal

edward w pritchard

How can we be expected to have and vividly recall racial memories of our distant ancestors of tens of thousands of years ago walking about the Savannah or scavenging shells and mussels for survival at the ocean side when in fact we can't remember a lover now so changed who a mere twenty or thirty years ago acted so different towards us? Were they once authentic and spontaneous or was it imaginary, never happened, and is this remembrance a shadow of a dream?

Before the motivations of weighing and accounting's for the benefit in every situation day to day things and activities seemed real, solid and permanent. Could that fleeting recollection that now occasionally arises spontaneously in the deep unconscious that blooms so temporary a smile be based on a false memory? Was the snippet of fading memory that is now not what they were then, who now acts only with  everything pre-planned, was that person then unreal or is the memory and the occasional and fading smile a fragment of a dream?

Imaginary lover's unreal. We never walked joyfully together oblivious to the dangers, hidden motivations and coming mercenary accounting's. Imaginary lover's unreal. A dream in a dream of a memory.

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