Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Boethius in Folsom Prison

Boethius in Folsom Prison

edward w pritchard

Editor's note- Pritchard often uses the future hate of intelligent machines for mankind, which is a project of his tortured imagination, as a metaphor for " the gods". Boethius was a philosopher, once happy and successful like Job [ from the bible] who, he, Boethius  wrote " consolations of philosophy" while in actual prison waiting to be tortured and dismembered by the authorities for his imaginary crimes against the state. " the gods, or fate, you see  eventually torture us for our imaginary crimes caused by normal living by our death. "Fulsome Prison" is a song written and performed by Johnny Cash which succinctly expresses the theme of our angst for our "sins" and our acceptance of our guilt in four enjoyable verses.

Boethius in Folsom Prison

Camera pans in
Boethius sitting on his bed rubbing his right dislocated shoulder with his left hand
a far off train whistle is heard
a thought is expressed in Boethius tired eyes [ he is thinking as usual about how they were kill him in the end, what method of final destruction will be used to finish him]
since it is a train I hear I deduce I will not be thrown to the sharks as sharks do not inhabit the prairie where the train track is laid across
but there are many large rocks strewn about the prairie and the guards who are lazy may simply pile boulders on my chest until I expire from the weight, or they could make me push a large boulder up a steep hill until it rolls back over me
smiling Boethius begins to sing
" if they freed from from this prison if that railroad train was mine, I know I would move it on a little farther down the line"

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